The Four 2013: Finally Airing

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Okay, I was actually looking out for this one to air, along with some others that had filmed around that time yet hadn’t even aired at all. So, of course, I was watching trailers. I didn’t want to be all bitter about stuff, but what had bugged me right from the start was Jia Qing’s character, Ji Yao Hua. NOT saying that I don’t like her. I liked her since watching DGSD2013. What bugged me was how they’d changed the association of characters she was supposedly linked to. Her character was linked to Wu Qing, NOT Leng Xue. She was a powerful, scheming woman who had them all conned throughout, her age was older than them all, possibly even Zhui Meng, but I wasn’t too sure about that. Yet this one had her linked to Leng Xue and then made it into some side soap. Sure, she still looked crazy and powerful, but the events shifted so it got me annoyed. Yeah, I didn’t have any problems with the past adaptations regarding them, considering what I said during my previous post about this drama. But this was more like how I didn’t care because the other characters were created out of nowhere anyway, not having to do with any of the mysteries in the novel so far. What I cared about was how they had brought in a character from a book, such as Ji Yao Hua and did it wrong.

Trailers are often misleading, but I wouldn’t think this one would be that misleading regarding the character link. Maybe I’ll change my views after watching it, but unlikely. It’s just one of those things I will have to get over with though. But aside from that, effects. I think they must have changed some details making it into some fantasy or something, but the fighting effects are quite heavy. It was originally a crime-solving wuxia. So why all the messy effects? Again, still holding hope because someone wasn’t behind the production. But will have to wait and see.

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