The Missing 2017: Ming Dao’s Comeback

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I just stumbled upon this since I was just doing my random browsing on Weibo. (Click here for the movie’s Weibo page.) Anyway, this movie will be in theaters on April 1st. (No jokes!) It’s a crime drama produced and directed by Xu Jing Lei (徐静蕾).

I have to say that this might be the drama that allows me to take Ming Dao seriously again as an actor (since Angel Lover). It’s not like he’s a bad actor, but I seriously think he has been doing more popular dramas than the more serious ones so I sort of lost interest. Not to mention how there are too many TV dramas around to catch up on, etc.

Ming Dao will be portraying a police officer in here, obviously from the stills above. His character is Lu Ran (陆然).

Aside from Ming Dao, the other main cast include Director Hsu herself, Stanley Huang, and Bai Bai He.

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