The New World: Characters

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Back with this, because I couldn’t resist. So yes, I’ll probably do character descriptions or the main cast and then just work my way back somehow in the future if I remember for the rest of the cast.

Zhang Ting Hu (張庭瑚) as Shen Zi Hong (沈子鴻). 27 years old. An employee under the Research & Development Department of an electronics company. Exuding a gentle and sunshine personality, concealing a fierce persona. Since young, he was adopted by Shen You Fu (沈有福). Because of that background, it had influenced his later life immensely.

Ah Ben as He Zhen Fei (何振飛). 26 years old. A member of the Little Secret Service Group. Nickname: Xiao He (小何). A cop, was originally assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Police Department known as “Science and Technology Crime Protection Center.” Since transferring to the Little Secret Service Group, he seemed to have become a homebody.

Rabbit Yang (楊可涵) as Yang Miao Wei (楊妙薇). 26 years old. An editor for the community newspaper. Nickname: Miao Miao (喵喵).

Jean Lee (李依瑾) as Li Jia Yuan (李佳媛). 24 years old. Factory worker. Exuding a carefree and cute personality, concealing a sense of inferiority and cold-heartedness.

Cai Huang Ru (蔡黃汝) as Lin Zi Yan (林紫嫣). 26 years old. Originally from Interpol Division. Possessing a self-control personality. She doesn’t say much to others yet is easy to get along with.

Angela Lee (李佳豫) as Luo Yong Mei (羅詠玫). 27 years old. Chief Editor of the community newspaper. She is carefree and is very independent. She is also very well-mannered and would never spew vulgarity. Her father is the new Head Commissioner and her mother’s family works in the industrial commercial field.

Jet Chao (趙杰) as Chen Jie (陳杰). 28 years old. Team Leader of the Little Secret Service Division.

Pan Bo Xi (潘柏希) as Liu Dong Han (劉東瀚). 27 years old. Originally from the New North District’s Interpol Group. Possessing a calm and steady personality. At times, he could appear to be cold yet within that coldness, there conceals a raging flame.

*All images and character descriptions were found on The New World’s Official Facebook page.

**All translations were done by DTLCT.

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