The New World: Episode 5

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The confrontation between Chen Jie and Dong Han continued. Chen Jie wanted Dong Han to answer him. Considering what Dong Han said if Chen Jie was wrong, but Chen Jie said even if it was wrong, it was still his orders so Dong Han have to respect it. Dong Han smirked before saying that he would respect it. Chen Jie warned that Dong Han must remember what he (Dong Han) just said. Then Chen Jie turned to the others to remind them that they were facing a very dangerous criminal hence he didn’t want to see anything happening to them while he was their team leader. He made it too clear that he was in charge. As if that wasn’t enough, he turned to warn Dong Han once again.

As for Zi Hong, he finally went to the old forest where they planted the trees to check the wooden tags out for himself. It was also there that Miao Miao found him as she was returning to the place for a visit. She was obviously still upset over their last encounter, and possibly rightly so. While displaying her long face, she asked him if he really didn’t place those wooden tags on the trees. He said it wasn’t really him placing it on there yet the symbols were connected to him. She reminded him that he previously told her that Qing Ting was in the past already. He clarified that it belonged to his past and his birth mother, but to his father and others, he was just Zi Hong. It was indeed complicated and hard to understand for others. She spoke up to say that she wasn’t just anyone, she was Miao Miao. He said it had been 20 years already, people change along with the things, he wouldn’t know how much she’d changed. She snapped at him once again yet decided to let him off (lightly) by asking if he’d returned to the forest often. He admitted it yet he said it was the first time he saw the wooden tags. She asked him if he knew where Xi Shuai (蟋蟀 – cricket) and Xiao Cao (小草 – little grass) were. Zi Hong had a little reminiscent moment where he had tried to seek out Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao yet they were already adopted by other people before he could see them again after the accident. Miao Miao called Zi Hong out of the trance yet soon realized he might not want to disclose the details to her so she vouched to find out on her own. She rambled on and on, still upset about his coolness, obviously. (Yet what bugged me to death was how she was upset over how he had scolded her and she told him to be more careful next time when he scolded people. I don’t mean she can’t be upset since she was the person influencing Jiang Jian Ming to return, but what bugged me was how she told Zi Hong to be careful about the scolding yet herself? She was scolding the cops and bossing them around yet it was already a miracle that Chief Zheng gave her such an easy out.) Anyway, Zi Hong soon snapped out of it and asked if she’d returned to the seaside before. So they went. Their conversation somewhat improved since they were talking about Zi Hong’s mother. He said he took her there sometimes, even if she didn’t remember, hoping that she would remember one day. With Zi Hong’s recounts, Miao Miao soon apologized for not knowing and many more. She no longer wanted to scold him or be hostile toward him. She attempted again by asking about Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao. He said he and the other two were brought to the orphanage yet the other two were adopted already so he didn’t know where they went either. They soon made up, with him promising that he would tell her stuff. She was happy again and jumpy. They were interacting like normal again, or at least she was.

Back at the secret headquarter, Zi Yan was seen making sandwiches. It was soon revealed that she was making ’em for Chen Jie and Ah Gang. Well, she was just making ’em and wanted to share with the guys too. She pondered if Chen Jie had already calmed down and said that she wanted to discuss Dong Han’s suggestion with unearthing the case regarding the accident of 20 years ago. She said it would reveal a lot more about Zhang Guo Tang and Jiang Jian Ming’s disagreements and whatnot. Chen Jie asked if she also thought he was wrong. She said a little. Chen Jie shrugged it off as orders were orders yet he didn’t forget to thank her for the sandwiches on his way out. Zi Yan’s hospitality didn’t stop with Chen Jie and Ah Gang. She also bribed Xiao He with her sandwich, lol. And then, of course, Dong Han. He said he wasn’t hungry. She, of course, had her own technique to deal with such stubborn heads like him, lol. She said if he wasn’t hungry, she wouldn’t give him the files. Yes, she probably scored the files via Xiao He. So he had no choice but to accept the half sandwich. She also made him surrender the keys so she could drive. When they were in the car, she told him what she found out before they headed off to the Luo resident. There, Yong Mei greeted them both and asked if they both were going with her. Zi Yan explained since their trip that day required some nighttime so it was safer having Dong Han there with them as well. Yong Mei apologized and explained regarding her tasks that day, and said that she would try to limit night trips in the future. Zi Yan said it was their job so she didn’t need to apologize. Yong Mei soon asked if Dong Han was always carrying that long face. Zi Yan said that he was born with that long face, lol. Yong Mei laughed at the joke before walking to the car. Dong Han turned to give Zi Yan a half-smirk while Zi Yan returned it with one of her teasing expressions. (Cute!) And so they were off. Their trip entailed mostly business relating to Yong Mei’s newspaper stuff, but she soon found out that this one guy was taking advantage of the situation and wanted to bribe her by giving extra money to get the foot in the door with her parents. So, of course, she didn’t accept the money and left.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shen came to the newspaper place to meet up with Miao Miao. He brought a little gift over to her, thanking her for saving him and his son previously. She said she didn’t do much. Their conversation soon moved toward Zi Hong’s mother when they were outside. Mr. Shen said that she needed to talk to Zi Hong about it. Yup, he was still leaving it up to Zi Hong, just like how they were at the police headquarter previously. Miao Miao had no choice but to respect that. She then asked about Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao. Mr. Shen said Zi Hong had always been looking for them and for Miao Miao as well. He said they, along with his mother, were the most important in his life. Soon after, Mr. Shen left. Miao Miao was left with her thoughts and her reliance on herself to figure out Zi Hong’s words.

That night, Zi Yan and Dong Han escorted Yong Mei safely back to the Luo resident. However, Yong Mei seemed to be upset. Zi Yan asked her what was wrong. Yong Mei disclosed that previously when she tried to contact them with supporting her newspaper, they didn’t seem all that interested. Now that her father contacted them, they were more than excited and willing to help her. She went on to say that Miao Miao was very hardworking and had high hopes for their projects and that if Miao Miao found out those people were interested only because of Yong Mei’s connection, she would be very sad and disappointed. Before Zi Yan could speak up to reassure Yong Mei, Dong Han told Yong Mei not to let Miao Miao know. Dong Han went on to say that Yong Mei could just tell Miao Miao that the newspaper was priceless. Yong Mei asked if he read their newspaper. He said yes, he really liked it. Yong Mei was surprised. Zi Yan soon confessed she read it also and really liked it. Dong Han went on with his philosophical speech that got the other two staring at him. They indeed were surprised because of his talkativeness all of a sudden. Yong Mei thought that he was a mute, lol. The little joke between them also lightened up the moods and cheered Yong Mei up again.

Back at the headquarter, Dong Han was chiding Zi Yan about how girls were all the same, always relying on picking on others for their amusement. She returned it with her own witty remark, lol. Yet when they settled down at their desks, Dong Han was quiet and working again. Zi Yan soon slid her chair over to his side and asked why he wanted to investigate the accident of 20 years ago so much. He reminded her that he already told them all the reason at the meeting earlier. She said it still wasn’t all that convincing. She said she had a better reason than his, lol. She refused to say though. She quickly told him to finish up first and said she wanted to leave. He asked her if she was free tomorrow, wanting to meet up and discuss some stuff. She seemed surprised? (LOL!) She kept pointing between the two of them. He nodded to make sure she understood. So she asked him if it was a date. He said it was a meeting. She wasn’t letting him off though, considering how it wasn’t a group involved so it couldn’t be called a meeting, lol. He said then it would be an isolated meeting. He laughed after that. She was still giving him weird looks, but after she turned and left, she smiled as well.

That night, Dong Han was indeed burning the midnight oil. Like he had said, he was investigating the accident – with or without Chen Jie’s permission. It was also when he got up for another round of coffee that he remembered back to his childhood. And it was confirmed that he was one of the three kids that had been in the accident. He was Xi Shuai. He was with Xiao Cao in the car after meeting up with Qing Ting and how Qing Ting promised to find them later and then they would go and seek out Miao Miao. But Xi Shuai fell asleep in the car and when he awakened, Xiao Cao was gone. When asked, he was told that Xiao Cao had already gone to her new family. The same with Qing Ting. He, Xi Shuai, would soon be with his new family. It was also revealed that Dong Han was the one who curved the symbols on the wooden pieces and placed them onto the trees. He was working with the wooden pieces that night with some tools from his pouch. And he ended up at Zi Hong’s place yet didn’t confront the other party. He hid and sneaked into Zi Hong’s workroom to take a look. He even discovered Zi Hong’s board. He also found some blank music cards. Then the scene merged.

Jia Yuan was seen holding a blank music card in her hands. Yes, it seemed like Zi Hong was the one helping her all along with sending funds each month to help the pair of sister and brother surviving and all. And it seemed like Jia Yuan was still struggling with her own problems. (Yeah, obviously, considering how she couldn’t just cut it off and steer clear of a certain person.) She had to meet up with the person called Hua Jie. Jia Yuan didn’t want to step into that complicated world anymore. Not after that talk with Zi Hong, etc. Hua Jie asked her about the money she borrowed. Jia Yuan said she could return the money. Hua Jie said even if she could give Jia Yuan more time to allow her to pay back the money, it was still up to the boss. He wasn’t the type to force others into doing what they didn’t like, but what he hated more was people who didn’t keep their promises. She told Jia Yuan to think it over and said she was leaving. However, Xuan Xuan arrived. Jia Yuan realized Hua Jie knew Xuan Xuan’s name. Hua Jie said since Jia Yuan didn’t keep in touch, she had to rack up Jia Yuan’s ancestry links and all. Xuan Xuan asked who that lady was after Hua Jie left. Jia Yuan could only say that she was a friend.

The next day at the newspaper place, Miao Miao treated Zi Hong and Jia Yuan to lunch. She actually prepared the meal. Jia Yuan, of course, praised her dishes while Zi Hong said it was just all right. They ended up in banter. Yet afterward, Zi Hong washed the dishes while Miao Miao and Jia Yuan worked on the layout of the next issue. Like one of those times, Miao Miao joined Zi Hong for tea while Jia Yuan worked away at the layout. Miao Miao finally told Zi Hong that Mr. Shen sought her out the previous day. Zi Hong knew it was to thank her for her help at that one time. They went on to talk more about their childhood. Zi Hong told Miao Miao that he had let Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao down, considering how he didn’t keep his promise with them. Miao Miao told him he was only six back then, he shouldn’t be so hard on himself. He said that they shouldn’t talk about that anymore, he wanted to discuss her new findings. She said he was stubborn and he returned it with it wasn’t like her first day knowing him. Jia Yuan seemed to detect some strangeness between the two from afar. Yet she resumed her work anyway.

The meeting between Dong Han and Zi Yan finally commenced. He was wondering why she picked that place. She reminded him that he said they were having an “isolated” meeting hence the isolated location. He said he was just kidding. They finally approached the main topic after that little joke. Zi Yan said that there was a mole within the group. Dong Han asked the mole for who. Zi Yan said for Zhang Guo Tang. He told her not to joke around regarding that matter. She wasn’t. She told him all her reasoning with how Zhang Guo Tang knew so much about them and their plans. So he asked her who suspected as the mole. She said she would cross his name off the list first, lol. He asked her why. (Wasn’t he just glad she didn’t suspect him?) Her answer was that he didn’t have to save Yong Mei if he was the mole. He wouldn’t want to investigate Zhang Guo Tang and all the things surrounding him. He asked her who else could be crossed off the list. She said none, considering how everyone was as suspicious. That meant she also suspected Chief Zheng. What was surprising that got a glare from Dong Han was that she said she, herself, was also on the list. Yet she said the most suspicious person at that point was Chen Jie. Dong Han asked was it because of how Chen Jie was against the idea of him investigating the case of 20 years ago. Zi Yan nodded. Dong Han pondered if it was just because Chen Jie was upset by his (Dong Han) words hence losing his temper. Zi Yan said previously she upset him too yet his reaction wasn’t like that. If he was easily roused by the others, he couldn’t be their team leader. (Good point. He didn’t snap at Miao Miao either, even if she was yelling at them like tenfold.) Dong Han pointed out that it would be a big deal with pointing the finger at Chen Jie. Zi Yan said that she only hoped that her suspicion was wrong. Yet she told him they still have to be careful. He said he understood. He then asked her what she found out already. She told him, but at the same time, Miao Miao was also telling Zi Hong the same thing. It was how the town was going through some developmental process. All the families didn’t agree at first but soon one by one agreed. The remaining three that didn’t agree ended up in the accident. Perhaps that wasn’t an accident after all if it coincided with the project. Dong Han said that no one could be sure of the two incidents having to do with one another. It wasn’t up to Zi Yan to say. Zi Yan said it wasn’t like Zhang Guo Tang would confess if they caught him so they should investigate on their own. According to Miao Miao, the person behind the company that was responsible for the development project’s surname was Yan (顏). Zi Hong said that Jiang Jian Ming’s wife’s surname was Yan. So back to Zi Yan and Dong Han, Zi Yan said that it indeed had to do with the Yan. Dong Han said that if Zhang Guo Tang was acting under the Yan’s company’s orders, then it could possibly have to do with Jiang Jian Ming. Zi Yan nodded. Dong Han and Zi Yan’s meeting was interrupted by Xiao He’s text messaging them, telling them to come back for a meeting. Well, it was more like Chen Jie was looking for them.

Then back to Miao Miao and Zi Hong’s meeting. It was getting intense again–like it should be with the current topic of discussion. Zi Hong wondered if Miao Miao was able to continue on, considering how it had to with the Jiang family and she was best friends and co-workers with Yong Mei. She might want to change her mind regarding the whole investigation. He wanted to leave, telling her to think it over. Yet she said he was like that each time. It might not be as extreme as the thought. If it were to arrive at that point, she could always leave the newspaper place. Yet he said what about her grandpa? Apparently the ripple effect started with her grandpa, considering the townspeople didn’t want to sign and sell their places ages back yet her grandpa was the person that had quite an effect on the others. So the others signed, except for the remaining three. It was indeed hard for her to digest, but it couldn’t be helped. It was her grandpa after all.

So Dong Han and Zi Yan finally returned to meet up with Chen Jie and Xiao He. Chen Jie was fuming. It seemed like he found out about how Zi Yan pulled the files already so he was confronting both parties about not listening to his orders. Chen Jie was giving them the ultimatum, considering how their boss was back soon and would eventually strip them both of their current duties. Dong Han commented about how Chen Jie was playing for real, which upset Chen Jie even more. So they were told to surrender their badges and guns. Both did as told, slamming their badges and guns on the table yet Zi Yan soon confronted Chen Jie and asked what benefits did Zhang Guo Tang gave Chen Jie. He went insane and slapped Zi Yan. That shocked Dong Han yet his expression soon turned into livid. He lunged at Chen Jie and was ready to punch Chen Jie out. Yet Zi Yan yelled out to stop him. Chen Jie urged Dong Han on, saying that if Dong Han hit him, Dong Han couldn’t be a cop anymore. Zi Yan rushed over and pulled Dong Han out. They left together with Dong Han still fuming. Zi Yan thanked him for helping her earlier yet said that he didn’t need to do that in the future, considering how she was capable of taking care of herself.

What took place next was what seemed to be another kidnapping. Or an attempt. The person who attempted to kidnap Yong Mei was back to kidnap Miao Miao. Zi Hong had spotted that suspicious vehicle previously so he had doubled back to wait. He also got out in time to save Miao Miao after Zhang Guo Tang had given the go with the plan. Zi Hong and the other guy engaged in a fight. The other party soon fled, knowing it was useless to go against Zi Hong. When Zi Hong turned to Miao Miao, she was still quite shaken up by the fight she witnessed between the two. Zi Hong approached her and told her that that guy was probably Zhang Guo Tang’s henchman. He asked if she was scared yet. She said she had never feared anything before yet what she feared the most was not having friends to rely on. He kissed her. Then he apologized. She still didn’t know what to make of it. He told her to call the cops. She said to arrest him? He told her to call Chief Zheng up so they would know about the matter regarding how Zhang Guo Tang was targeting her. She said it would be faster with calling her grandpa.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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