The Water Element

It seems that 183 Club is fated to be with the water element. Why did I say that? Almost every single MV they ever shot had to do with water. Starting with “Torture” (折磨), there were various scenes where water was visible throughout the MV–though not that vivid like some others.

Then there was “Enticing Trick” (迷魂記), which they were sprayed and/or hosed down with water while shooting the MV–to emphasize the storm mentioned in the lyrics.

When “Pure Love” (真愛) came along, they were once again surrounded by water. At one point in the MV, we could see that the other guys tossed Ming Dao into the pool of water and jumping in themselves afterward. They were also drenched themselves from the water sprays from above as well.

What was next? “Bomba Bomba”–one of the soundtracks from The Magicians of Love. That was probably one of the most hilarious ones that they did since they had a lot of fun with that one. They were required to jump into a pool of water again. First, it was all together and then they had to do individual shots of fancy moves in the water.

That was not it either. They then had to be sprayed with water. But other members of the band were also participating in it while the filming was going on. In fact, while Ming Dao was doing his warm-ups and was getting ready for the shoot, Jacky, Ehlo, and Johnny were standing nearby conspiring with one another to get Ming Dao when he was on.

Johnny was having so much fun that he continued to pour water on Ming Dao even after the director already yelled out, “Cut.” But of course, that was not all since when it was Johnny’s turn, Ming Dao was already on standby with a water bucket for revenge.

More water made its way into their first album, starting with “One Umbrella” (一把傘) for obvious reasons.

Maybe they should continue with this trend to bring in more luck?

Just for fun…see you guys next time–on another random topic of 183 Club.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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