Ying Xing De Chi Pang

If Angela wasn’t the singer for this song, I didn’t think it would have made such an impact because she has such a unique voice and made the song so mystical and inspirational on so many levels. I also became her fan after listening to this song. And also because I was watching Bump Off Lover during that time. It was a surprising performance for Angela–even some anti-fans who had watched Bump Off Lover had to give in to liking her or admit that she did an excellent job of portraying the two roles with three different personalities.

*Note*: Yi Jing does not have multi-personality disorder because she knows what she’s doing and has an intent for doing it. Multi-personality disorder is when a person resumes another identity and/or personality but is not aware of it.

Her performance was also considered impressive by the majority and actually earned her a GBA nomination for it. Too bad she did not win but still a great honor and a great encouragement for her hard-working efforts. She admitted that it was a tough drama for her with so many personality changes that she had to take a break from it all thus came Romantic Princess. (Too bad anti-fans came out again, criticizing how she kept picking up those typical roles. She needed a break, okay?) A second GBA nomination was on her record and like the previous time, she did not win. However, her fans accepted it as it was because of the comparison between other female leading roles that were far more challenging. (That could not be said for haters though.) It could be said as a relief that she did not win since fans of the other nominees were still fighting whether who should have won. (Somehow I was glad Rainie did not win either because she would have been the target for attacks as well.)

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Anyway, to get back to Angela, it could be said that she had gone a long way in improving herself–both acting and singing. Fans who had followed her from the start know that or those who had followed casually would’ve been surprised too. So, is everyone prepare for her upcoming album that is like long overdue by now?

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2 thoughts on “Ying Xing De Chi Pang

  1. Her acting has definitely improved since she debuted. I’m so hoping Angela could get a role like Ivy in “Black & White”. It will be a challenging role for her in which she would flourish. 🙂

  2. Thanks for commenting and yes, I hope that one day Angela will get another challenging role for her to take up and succeed also.