Endless Love: Line 3

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode continued with Jing Hao being rushed to the hospital. Min Shuo reassured Rui En as she attempted to explain what had happened. She later found out that it wasn’t her fault that he had collapsed so easily. Though it had to do with her, not to that extreme–as she learned from Min Shuo. Rui En also took that time to tell Min Shuo that she and Jing Hao weren’t really together but also clarified that she was going to severe the bond between her and Min Shuo. She had no idea that Jing Hao had awakened and was witnessing the scene nearby. As she watched Min Shuo walked away from her, she silently said goodbye to her Mr. Right while Jing Hao disappeared in the opposite direction. As she turned around to make her way to Jing Hao’s room, Min Shuo turned around and looked at her longingly. It seemed like Rui En wasn’t just a ‘sister’ to him as he had claimed many times before. Or was he so used to having her around that he never realized her importance?

No time to ponder since Rui En discovered Jing Hao was missing and rushed out to find him. She finally found him walking around but was rewarded with her temper rising again. It was hard to get along, considering what had happened between them. Harsh words were exchanged once more. He finally got to the point, trying to set her straight regarding how she was invading his family life, entering his home, etc. It was the right time for Rui En to clarify matters and she snatched at the opportunity, confessing all her doings and the reasons behind it, asking for his forgiveness. Jing Hao brushed it off, but not out of passiveness. He told her what he had told NoQ once, stating that it was his fault, his inability to protect his father.

At that moment, Jing Hao somehow felt it right to lean toward Rui En–who was sitting in her car and listening to his every word. Who else but Min Shuo showed up at around the same time but a distance from them, stopping at a red light? He shrugged it off. Yet was that all? However, both Jing Hao and Rui En did not notice his presence since Jing Hao had his back to Min Shuo while Rui En had shut her eyes, thinking that Jing Hao was about to kiss her. Jing Hao, feeling mischievous, teased Rui En about her closed eyes since he was just trying to reach her tissues. Smiling, he asked her if she really wanted him to kiss her. Rui En’s comeback was priceless! She reached out to take a hold of his shoulder but was rolling her window up with the other hand, forcing him to come back to the hospital with her. Left with no choice, he had to give in. (That was random all right BUT was extremely cute.)

It looked like the storm had lifted between them since the way to the hospital and back to Jing Hao’s house was hilarious yet cute at the same time. It was too funny that Jing Hao almost choked when Rui En called him ‘Jing Hao Ge’ while Rui En looked beyond happy when she heard him call her by her name. The sitter was outside with Jing Hao’s father when they arrived home. She was more than glad to see Jing Hao and Rui En walking home together (aka he wasn’t mad anymore). On the other hand, Jing Hao’s father was alert again upon discovering Rui En’s presence. He urged her to go inside to eat while Jing Hao and the sitter stared after them. Jing Hao was clueless all right but was soon informed by the sitter that his father was really fond of Rui En, which got Jing Hao excited as well.

Jing Hao’s happiness went up another notch when he stepped inside. He discovered how well his father and Rui En were getting along. Rui En being able to joke with the old man without any awkwardness. It was really cute and funny at the same time that the father did not want to share with Jing Hao. (Awww…they looked like one happy family at the dinner table.)

Unable to talk sense into Jing Hao, NoQ had no choice but to seek out Rui En and launch his investigation. He was fierce all right but it showed his concern toward Jing Hao. (This sort of reminded me of how Jing Hao was saying NoQ was trying to be his wife, LOL. Too many questions.) Man, NoQ was so dramatic. Not to mention his imagination was so wide as well. Rui En couldn’t even get a word in. So after his rant, he ran off, leaving Rui En still puzzled. However, he did not give up, still keeping a cautious eye out for Jing Hao. He had no idea that Jing Hao and Rui En were getting along really well now–and then some more.

After much debate within herself, Rui En decided to give Jing Hao one of her paintings instead of returning the money the day before to him. However, she had to return the overpayment of her skirt to him, making up for her past wrong. He was happy to receive the painting but turned down the money. Instead, he wanted to use that money for meals. At the cafeteria, Rui En soon found out that it would take closer to a lifetime before that amount of money would be spent, considering how little the meal ticket was. One of the cafeteria staffs finally took it into her own hands to tell Jing Hao and Rui En to hurry up since there was a long line behind them. When they turned around to check, Jing Hao and Rui En were greeted with a sea of faces that was almost ready to swallow them if they did not hurry. (A big hint that they were in a world of their own so did not notice others around them.)

Jing Hao’s happiness was adding up by the second. Or so it seemed. Luck was on his side all of a sudden since he received a text message from Rui En, inviting him to lunch the next day. He was more than happy to join her. Hey, even his father helped him chose the appropriate outfit for the ‘date’ and Rui En praised him. How in the world did he know that Rui En was trying to lure him back to the hospital for a checkup? Ekk…he totally fell for that one. (They were so cute! She was acting like his wife, keeping him in line, etc. She sure knew his weakness! LOL!)

As fate would have it, Jing Hao finally got caught while running away from the police. He would’ve gotten away if he didn’t stand around to reminisce about his first meeting with Rui En. Delayed at the station, he attempted to call NoQ, wanting NoQ to look after his father while he was there. NoQ chose this time to drop out on him. Okay, more like NoQ was also too occupied to fulfill his duty since he also got caught and was just sitting at the next table over. Jing Hao’s next hope? Well, more like his only hope. Who else but Rui En?

After being released, Jing Hao rushed home to find his father safely in bed–still. He entered his room to find out that Rui En was sitting at his desk, nodding off already. She awakened a minute later and smiled at him. (Aww…how sweet.) At the door, he thanked her for helping him while she was conjuring some other schemes in her mind, causing him to be nervous all of a sudden. OKAY, that was a tad mean. Not really, but too funny seeing how Jing Hao reacted. No wonder Rui En was smiling like that.

I think someone up there was trying to teach Rui En a lesson since Jing Hao was suddenly so popular among the girls while Rui En stared at them at a table nearby, beyond annoyed. She shouldn’t have let him meet the others. It was too risky and the competition was adding up. It was just so funny watching Rui En all pissed off while Jing Hao tried to maintain a polite conversation with the girls.

So occupied with Jing Hao and his situation that Rui En almost forgot about her father’s words about her and Min Shuo’s engagement. It wasn’t until Min Shuo called her to tell her regarding the meet up between their parents that she rushed to the designated meeting–on Jing Hao’s motorcycle–to stop the inevitable from happening. She finally told her father that she wasn’t going to get engaged with Min Shuo. At that same time in front of the elevators, Jing Hao stopped Min Shuo to have a talk, telling Min Shuo that he liked Rui En. All that was said and done, it seemed like the only person who was happy heading home that night was Jing Hao, finally having said what he wanted to say.

The next day finally arrived yet it wasn’t to deliver good news. It was actually the anniversary of Jing Hao’s mother’s death. Jing Hao arrived home from the jewelry store to find his father drunk and devastated. Upon seeing Jing Hao, the old man went bizarre, hitting him endlessly before returning to his wine. Jing Hao was once again reminded of the same day each year and how he was beaten each time. Was it really his fault? Jing Hao stood by the sidewalk that night to reminisce back to the accident that happened years ago and we got our answer of how his mother had died. She died saving him. Suffocating with grief, Jing Hao could not stand it anymore. He called Rui En up to talk. Coincidence of all coincidences, that day was also her mother’s death anniversary. Jing Hao was reassured by Rui En’s words, feeling much better inside to have someone understand what he was going through and cheering him on at the same time. And it wasn’t just some coincidence after all since it was shown that it was Rui En’s father who hit Jing Hao’s mother–as Rui En’s father was remembering back to what happened that night. It was ironic that they were standing at the same area but Jing Hao was talking to Rui En at that exact moment. This would be a tough one. (I wonder how in the world the script-writers are going to pull this off. It’s not like it hasn’t been done in the past, but really want to see how this will go through.)

Ratings finally let up! It was 1.01 for this episode. Not much but it could be a start. Jia you!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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