Endless Love: Line 9

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Another episode that kind of cheated since the meeting didn’t happen yet but they gave us some jump-ahead scene just to make things dramatic with the other episode’s ending scene. This episode actually continued with Jing Hao’s reaction after receiving Rui En’s message. Yes, he was once again troubled with having to face her and act all cold and cruel toward her. Like it wasn’t killing him inside already. Then there was also the whole thing with trying to dive away from Xu Xin Jie’s pestering the next day. It wasn’t like he was already feeling so troublesome yet she had to remind him so much stuffs about Rui En–and what they did in the past. (Okay, I’m getting WAY pissed off right now. Damn it! Sorry, but damn it! Why do all the stupid stuff have to happen when Jing Hao was trying to go to the meeting? If they wanted to add in some dramatic moments, they could do that later. Just when I was so relief that he could get Xu Xin Jie home, he encountered another obstacle.)

Okay, I do feel sorry for Xu Jie now. What kind of mother is that? Some people just want everyone alive so they could have a family yet others just abuse their power of being a parent so much. Gosh! (But I still prefer not to include these types of dramatic moments since like we don’t have enough things for the main characters to get past already.) Now I understand why Jing Hao actually tolerated Xu Jie half of the time. They somehow endured the same type of treatment–though it was more tragic and somewhat forgivable in Jing Hao’s case. And Xu Jie’s mother looked like she was selling her daughter off more than some type of ‘worry’ thing or misunderstanding.

They finally meet up though it was late. Her persistence (and yes stubbornness as well) paid off. But of course, it was not time to call victory yet, because he had delivered some more cruel words before leaving the scene, wanting to discourage her once again. (For the record though, it has been three days since their last meet up since she wanted to prove something.) Like many times before though, Rui En was not giving up just because of his cruel words. She saw right through his scheme of wanting to aggravate her, make her sad, and maybe if he was lucky, she would hate him as well. But like she would fall for that one. She wanted a reason and he gave her one. I guess that would be a very convincing one, saying that he wouldn’t want to be a leech, depending on her family’s finances. Okay, that made sense to a lot of people so it was a good reason to give. (But we, the viewers, all know it wasn’t so. Not really. Not all of it.) It seemed like he had won the battle because he walked away in victory (and in silent pain) as she cried away, not being able to say another word. Was she going to give up though? We’ll see.

Methinks that stupid idiot Min Shuo should be Song Wan Ji’s son instead. He landed himself in the hospital with his reckless driving. The lucky part was the other party did not die. I swear, I don’t care for him right now. Okay, so he was beyond livid with the fact that Rui En thought he was Jing Hao and all, and that he was jealous, etc. But too late. And not to mention how reckless driving could cause others their lives. Jing Hao’s mother was an example of that already. Should he even use speeding as a venue to vent his anger? Idiot. I said it many times before and I won’t mind repeating it, too late. His chance has already passed. He had the right to choose not to like her in the past and also could choose to like her now, but I think she had the right to say no as well. Like anything could be forced. How does it make sense that it was okay for her to suffer all these years when he didn’t care to pay attention to her YET wanted her to accept him just because he stopped being a player for three years? Should they give him an award then if he’d been taming his behavior and only focus on Rui En for these three years? Come now, get real. One word: pathetic. And what right did he have to question her as to why she was meeting up with Jing Hao again. Not to mention how he was ordering her not to see Jing Hao again. Double pathetic. Stupid that he kept thinking about himself being hurt. I think he should definitely get in line. When she was hurt in the past because of him, did he even realize it? What right does he have to lecture her? Honestly. So it’s all about him and his feelings and not others?

Like a typical mother wanting to speak up for her son, Min Shuo’s mother rushed to seek out Jing Hao. But she was not on speaking terms since she rather sent her message by slapping him. (GREAT…yes, my sarcasm is picking up again.) Yes, she had every right to defend her son yet like any blind person, she was only thinking of herself and her family, not caring regardless of the things others were going through. If it was someone else’s situation totally unrelated to her son or people around her, would she care that much? I think he only had to answer to Rui En (though he couldn’t really do so because of many things involved), not some outsiders’ who only want to judge him and not know the full story. So they watched Rui En suffer, but have they ever watch him? (I think it was like what Rui En said when Min Shuo told her to forget it that one time and she said that they know what she was going through yet no one knew what Jing Hao was going through during those times he disappeared.) But regardless of what Min Shuo’s mother’s saying on Rui En’s behalf, in the end, she just wanted her son to win–that was why she was saying why he appeared and if he wanted to reunite with Rui En, starting over, etc. Yeah, definitely investigating the enemy side so she could report back to her son. (I’m being overboard here BUT I don’t care.) I swear that when they found out the real reason why Jing Hao had to leave, they’ll probably just forgive Rui En’s father in two shakes because it was an ‘accident’, right? OH PUH-LEASE! It was just a matter of protecting some person they cared about versus a person like Jing Hao who had lost all friends just because he didn’t want to reveal someone’s secret.

And the confrontation seen in the previews. Honestly, Jing Hao should strike back already. It didn’t matter who was right or wrong or if he’d truly believed that staying away from Rui En was the best because of what punishment he received after wanting to bury the past (aka his father’s death). He should just hit Min Shuo already. Just to vent out some anger. (What in the world? No wonder the rating was just a sad case for this drama. They just have to drag it out so much with making Jing Hao suffer by the others’ attack. Give him a freaking damn break already.) Why must the stupid, idiot Min Shuo assume that he was returning because he wanted to start anew with Rui En? He had work, a project. Hello! Why should he explain it to them? Was the world revolving around Min Shuo or something? He honestly think Jing Hao had some kind of conspiracy to bring him down? Big ego much? Seriously, his whole idea with questioning Jing Hao’s presence at the hospital showed his arrogant attitude already. AND yes, it was a hospital, anyone could come in and out, not just Min Shuo.) Talking about how the high-class people are, they seriously could hit people. (Who’s the gangster now?)

Unable to brush off the pestering pair of mother and son (yeah, Min Shuo and his mother), Rui En went home and did a research on her love rival, wanting to get ahead of the game. Yet what she encountered the next morning was more than she could take. Or more like she couldn’t hold in anymore. Her father did his own stabbing at her? (But I think someone dug their own grave this time with wanting to slap the whole Jing Hao and Xin Jie in front of Rui En so she would give up YET it’s an opportunity for Rui En to encounter Jing Hao more and more.) Rui En’s father seriously think that he could stab her without facing the consequences? Why was everyone wanting to shut her up? Hmmm…like that was possible. She could do more damage than they think. I honestly sympathize with Xin Jie now and could say that I like her millions of times more than that pretentious, faking pity Min Shuo, but I just want to side with Rui En because she was betrayed by others YET they still dared think they were doing things for her own good. Man, I love her attitude now. They should know what they’d unleashed. How she was saying all those words to her father and then telling that Min Shuo to let go of her hand was quite priceless to watch. Brief, but effective.

Just when Rui En was about to deliver her last card after she was finished with her drawing of Xin Jie, Xin Jie’s mother just have to arrive to delay matters. In a way, I guess it might be a good thing since Rui En would have a chance to understand Xin Jie more and not hate her anymore–or plan attacks toward her, when she should be launching those attacks toward her father, Min Shuo, and Min Shuo’s mother. (Yeah, people who are forcing her to do stuffs their way so they wouldn’t have to worry anymore.) And I think Mei Ru chose to go against her lady boss to protect Xin Jie this time around. A brave move indeed since that woman was scary all right hence how Mei Ru was so timid in the past and not speak up or support Xin Jie too openly.

Because of Mei Ru’s attempt to stop Xin Jie’s mother, Rui En was able to escape and search for Xin Jie–upon Mei Ru’s request, of course. It was also a chance for Rui En to understand the whole situation and hear the story from Xin Jie. I guess this was why Xin Jie was still so naive at times in the past scenes. She was forced to enter the industry and do these things–or else. And at last, Rui En understood how attached to Jing Hao Xin Jie was. Was Rui En going to let go and go on with her life since she sympathized with Xin Jie? But whatever she decides, I hope she doesn’t go back to Min Shuo. He’s just a spoiled brat thinking he’s suffering yet Xin Jie’s past and what she’d gone through were the actual problems worth mulling over.

Another confrontation took place and this time Jing Hao was the one interrogating Rui En. I found it kind of maddening though that he let others pushed him around yet he was all right with bullying Rui En? I meant the other parts, I knew he was trying to make Rui En give up and he was hurting too. But this time, it was like going overboard. Why didn’t he just beat those other people up? Talking about assuming things and saying it was Rui En who told her father to plan the whole thing so she could meet up with Xin Jie, etc. And I’m so glad that Rui En didn’t back down that easily–just like many times before. Yes, she wouldn’t use their past against Xin Jie, but that wouldn’t mean she would just step away so easily. Sympathizing with Xin Jie and wanting to compete fairly is one thing, but letting go of Jing Hao completely is another matter. And that was indeed the end of this episode. I honestly hope the next one is moving faster.

Previews showed more frustrating scene with stupid Min Shuo using Jing Hao’s father to bargain for his own gain. GOSH! I knew he was too fake when he kept acting like a good guy. Always acting like he cared yet he was just trying to use everyone and everything to his advantage. I’m not saying I prefer perfect people and want him to be one so it could be easy, but what I find despicable is he kept playing dirty YET always portraying the fake exterior in front of others, seeking sympathy. If Jing Hao’s father was not dead, then things could turn around between Jing Hao and Rui En, right? Not by much but still…

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