Father and Son: Cast

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Okay, I’m back for another update because FTV had already set up a page for the upcoming drama. (If you want their blog page, click here.) This post is to confirm the cast (obviously). So who’s in so far?

According to Rookies’ Diary’s Facebook Page, some of the drama’s cast will be in the upcoming ‘Father and Son’, which are:

  • Li Xing Wen. We need our Lian Zhang, right?
  • Shen Shi Peng. Most of what we see of him in Rookies’ Diary is the yelling parts or the intense scenes so can’t wait to see him in a different role.
  • Tang Feng. Need I say more? He’s still spotting somewhat of the hair from RD (as most of the cast) but has exchanged his uniforms for suits. Hope not too overdone, lol.
  • Fu Zi Chun. Another comedic role? Well, according to some trailers.
  • Ah Pang. Didn’t realize he was also in it at first. But can’t wait to see what he’s portraying in here either.
  • Qian Jun Zhong. His hair’s coming back (or at least for the time of the filming).
  • Ye Jia Yu. Can’t wait.
  • Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu. YES! I thought she’s occupied with different events for a while but glad she has another one. I don’t care how small it might be. Just glad she’s in something else.
  • Becky Chang/ Zhang Jia Xin. Can’t say I was amused by her previous role. But I’m willing to see another one.
  • Lin Yi Fang. Lai Hu’s father (if anyone was getting confused with all the names). Saw him in one of the trailers.
  • Ah Gan. He was seen in one of the photos Tang Feng posted on his Facebook.

Pairings. Nothing locked in so far, at least from recent trailers, except for maybe one. But I can have a little fun just based on the RD pattern?

  • Qian Jun Zhong and Zhang Jia Xin. I saw a clip of them shooting the wedding scene. Lively scene and they looked great. I found it interesting that she was getting married again in here. This dress fits her better. (But like I said before, it was possible that the one in RD was made to tear apart, unlike this time.) Anyway, they do match from what was shown thus far. Can’t wait to see actually.
  • Fu Zi Chun and Ye Jia Yu. They’ve been in a few dramas together now–with RD being the most recent (and they also paired up). Well, I’m not sure about the past since RD was my first drama of them. So I wouldn’t mind them pairing again.
  • Tang Feng and Xiao Xiao Yu? Just saying? LOL! I’m sure there are other girls in there and it’s a slim chance since he’s one of the main guys and she might not be one of the main girls. But I could always dream. LOL!

Anyway, fun guesses aside, this is another one of those meaningful dramas. At least from the trailers so far and various clips. I wouldn’t mind and so looking forward to it. But it’s going to be a challenge since it’s time to read my eyes out of whatever that is I could read because most of the dialogues seem to be in dialects so far. Some of the interviews were in Mandarin though. But either way, it would be fun to learn more. So who’s ready?

No pictures this time ’cause I’m lazy to hunt around in my stock and place it in.

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