Hear, There, and Everywhere

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Creative packaging that still managed to keep it simple with the actual storing of the disc, etc.

1. Hear, There And Everywhere (給他). It seemed like a simple song but the beat was really catchy. Not only that but it gave a really good feeling in general. Not what I expected initially with just listening to the first few verses.  Nice song overall.

2. All I Have To Do Is Dream (灌溉愛). The main theme of “Love Forward”. I haven’t watched the drama yet so don’t know how it fitted into the drama. But it was indeed a powerful enough song for the main theme.

3. What A Wonderful Day (最好的天氣). Another upbeat song. Somehow, I felt like the rhythm was off or something. Still a good song but it didn’t click for me as much. I need to get used to the beat/rhythm.

4. Forget Me Not (該忘了). This was the #1 song on my list. I had forgotten the number of times I repeated it. The music was just so nicely done, along with the lyrics and then her voice. Everything was like so fitting. The song was so sad but she didn’t make it pitiful, which was quite refreshing. And it sounded even more haunting with how she sang it versus going the ‘pitiful’ route.

5. Silent Sigh (爆炸的沉默). Another sad song, but bringing in a totally different feeling than the previous song.

6. My Lover (小狐狸). Upbeat song again. A very playful song, considering its title. It was really catchy actually.

7. Upside Down (超完美地獄). Another upbeat and catchy song. But for some reason, I couldn’t get into it. The music drove me insane, especially the repetitive tones at the beginning, and it ended up repeating throughout the song. It was distracting for me (to enjoy the song).

8. I Belong To You (單曲循環). Another nice song.

9. Loving You (還愛著你). A simple song but still nice. Got to hear Amber sing in English a little bit.

10. It’s You (都是你). Not bad for  a song to close the album up. Kind of fun to listen to because of how it was arranged.

I was surprised that I enjoyed the album that much, considering how I sort of got it when it was on sale.

*Images were scanned by DTLCT

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