John Ross Bowie in Burn Notice: No Good Deed

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John Ross Bowie is actually a very talented actor. He’s quite charming in the various roles he portrays. Or at least the ones I’ve seen so far. Having loved him since watching him on The Big Bang Theory and being Sheldon’s archenemy since the beginning had been quite entertaining for me. (Talking about Sheldon, Jim Parsons just got his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame!)

Anyway, I’ve been trying to catch up on Burn Notice. John guest starred in there as Paul, Barry’s brother. It was actually a riot the minute they appeared together, the contrast in their behaviors. So we got a little more background into Barry’s life. For the majority of the times he appeared during the previous seasons, Barry’s sole job was to help the gang from time to time with his magic (from his money laundering business experiences). So while Michael was out there working on some mission with Max, Fi had to stay home and listen to the banter between the brothers–while at the same time trying to track down a hacker. Then there was the whole idea of Fi trying to convince Sam to help Paul. Sam’s reaction said it all. He didn’t want to be involved. Yeah, like there’s two of ’em? LOL! Even if Fi put in a good word for Paul, Sam still wasn’t convinced. But no problem! Fi’s always pretty persuasive so Sam had no choice but to agree (until Mike returns, that is). And just when I thought her classic move was hitting Sam with her gun instead of the target, her classic move for the episode was actually slapping both Barry and Paul when they were distracting her from her work. Yes, she needed to concentrate, considering what she was doing, especially the nature of the item being worked on. If they would only shut up the first time around when she asked nicely.

Overall, another nice, enjoyable episode. Yet the intensity cranked up once again when the ending rolled around.

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