Legend of Star Apple: Episode 3

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Episode 3 continued with that awkward moment when Rui Rui found out that Tao Si was actually the one standing there and not her Tian Qi Ge. What to do now? Flee the scene of course! But not after another embarrassing moment!

Count that as about two more embarrassing moments before she was able to escape. (She probably needed a hole at that point to hide herself in!)

Awww….and they still dared to laugh at Rui Rui’s failure. But that wasn’t it. They were just glad that they did not have to buy drinks. Sha Sha ran away! (LOL)

And someone was getting quite arrogant. (She was loud because she was trying to draw his attention? Okay…) But Tao Si was not all self-centered since he did consider about Meng Xin’s feelings. It was just that he did not want to get into an unhappy marriage.

More comedic scenes unfold after that little past about Tian Qi and Meng Xin revealed.

Yup, Tao Si spying on Rui Rui and the little kids! (And mumbling to himself! No, Tao Si, she wasn’t trying to be cute. She IS cute! Still funny…)

Tao Si trying to bully the kid? Why was the kid so cranky? I guess Tao Si’s charm didn’t work this time. The kid was sharp all right. Not falling for Tao Si’s tricks.

So someone else knew about Tian Qi and Meng Xin. That was clever of Tian Qi to be so sly, diverting away from the topic. Except that was a bit disappointing to make Auntie Bai Yue looked like a fool. But she was still able to read further into it to not expose him right away.

Lucky for Tian Qi since he was off the hook at that point because Tao Si was too busy to carry out his new goal: to turn all the kids into Little Tao Sis. Good luck, everyone!

Tao Si, how could you? You just knocked out a girl! (Still, Rui Rui was all right…phew…) And then it was time for revenge!

Now we were ready for Tao Si’s taunting dance! Let’s see how long he was going to last.

Everything’s fair game in love and war, Tao Si! Don’t you know that? (Poor his back but he started it! Never mess with a girl! I guess no one told him that.) Great, someone else had to rub it in for him.

Not only that, but Rui Rui had to praise him for how tough he was to survive all the attacks without any injuries!

So Tian Qi brought the subject of the confession up again. (And Rui Rui thought that he did not know. Tao Si has such a big mouth!) A misunderstanding! But how could Rui Rui clarify it? (Yes, Tao Si would need to brace himself for this next round of attacks!)

I thought they were supposed to sort things out, why were they making another scene for others to see? Tony and Bo Lun saw them! (Still cute…) Okay, so when all failed, resort to threats. After Rui Rui threatened Tao Si some more, she ran off–and away from that embarrassing scene. (Why was she always caught in embarrassing scenes with him?)

So Tao Si has grown fond of Rui Rui without noticing it. (Or was it because he was still a kid at heart? Seeing their little fun game, he was not able to resist, right?)

Poor Xiao Yi. Still mourning. (The kid was really good in the scene.)

Although that was kind of irresponsible of Tao Si to push Meng Xin to Tian Qi just like that, I rather see more scenes of Tao Si and Rui Rui together! (Tony was just on time! Awesome! And Tao Si wasn’t that inconsiderate after all. He was just pretending to forget. Playing the cruel dude was tough!) Tao Si was such a busybody, asking about people’s love life.

Wow, must give Sha Sha major credits. Nice going, she managed to persuade the lights to turn off too! (Or was that the ghostly beings deciding to visit them since her story was so convincing? Eekk!)

Anyway, stay tuned for more fun scenes in the next episode.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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