Rookies’ Diary: Episode 7

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Well? What was Luo Gang and Sheng talking about that needed the whole sneaking around in the night? They weren’t really sneaking but Hai Sheng made it so believable that Shan Ren was getting paranoid.

Eh…was Sheng Nan having a change of heart? Or was she only looking out for Luo Gang because he was new? (Luo Gang talking nonsense! LOL!)

Hai Sheng waking up early to get ready! LOL! Too bad! Wang Wei’s back! (Not that he’s ever gone but I sort of miss the way he was yelling at the others – if that even make sense.) So funny how Wang Wei was setting Hai Sheng straight regarding the matter. So funny that Bo Wen was rubbing it in for Hai Sheng! LOL!

A very powerful moment indeed. Definitely worth every ounce of respect with the routine and the proud gestures that they were carrying on. (I like the idea with the effect of them moving the pictures around so we were able to see different scenes of it at the same time while the soldiers were marching. There was also the powerful song playing in the background to aid the ceremony.)

Wow! So Hai Sheng was really Yu Ting’s classmate when they were in elementary school? Great…possibly got lucky with the pickup line! LOL! Yu Ting was so cute! She denied Yu Qiao’s question BUT it was too obvious!

Hai Sheng trying to work his charm again! LOL! “No problem, I’ll be back” seems to be his favorite lines OR something, lol. (I don’t know, I like him better when he’s funny than when he kept poking at Luo Gang and being mean, OF COURSE.) Hai Sheng bragging? LOL! Nothing new of course but still funny that he got called on right after he declared that it was no problem and that Shan Ren was his ‘friend’.

“Yu Ting, Wo ai ni!” LOL! They got yelled at! Of course can’t allow the chance to pass with saying that to Yu Ting, right?

Eh…what? I guess Da Tong didn’t tell Wu Yong yet SO that was why Wu Yong was even asking that.

Wu Yong! LOL! He was trying to sabotage You Shun! (This was one of the scenes in the previews, lol.) You Shun trying to explain! LOL! So cute yet hilarious! That didn’t last long though since Da Tong was telling on You Shun and their mother was coming over to ‘teach You Shun a lesson’ again! Ekk! So funny Xiao Yan was trying to signal to You Shun to run BUT of course, Da Tong went out of his way to signal to his mother of You Shun’s whereabouts. Lucky You Shun got away in time BUT Wu Yong got the ‘long face’ look and a ‘shove’ from Xiao Yan! Wu Yong was even more surprised that Da Tong got hit! He seriously had no idea.

Finally the scene where they were practicing how to throw grenades. (It was also in the previews.) Ooohhh…An Bang messing up. Hai Sheng sure got a kick out of that one. (But of course, we all know he was injured during the fighting scene in the previous episode.) The ‘whispering’ twins were at it again. Don’t blame them too much for being curious since they didn’t know it was that extreme. Poor An Bang being the center of attention like that though he was relief from the demonstration already. Lai Hu’s turn! Well, at least he was going first. And he made such an impression already with throwing it right smack by their side! Well, at least Wu Yong succeeded–though he forgot to drop down and dive for cover, LOL. (Probably too excited about making such record on his first try.) Luo Gang didn’t pass either! (But of course ‘the big man’ knew why so he wasn’t all technical about it. The others were more than puzzled since it was ‘the big man’ giving him a break this time, not just An Bang like before.) Eh…why was Shi Jun messing up like that? It was only their first try but it was strange how he was less than enthusiastic to try out something like that–unlike the rest of ’em. He was one of the most hard-working individuals as well. Chen Tian Bin totally deserved it! Honestly! He’s one of the two who has been causing trouble for Shan Ren since the beginning so can’t blame Shan Ren for getting so pissed off. Hahahaha…Da Tong driving Shan Ren nuts as always.

Shan Ren talking behind An Bang’s back again. He got Wang Wei in trouble too. AND that was so funny that An Bang turned around again SO Shan Ren had to make sure that he was gone before talking about him again. What was funnier was Wang Wei confirming that An Bang has already left.

Taking it a bit too far that everyone was worrying for Bo Wen. BUT not really strange since it was really killing Bo Wen inside with not knowing what was going on. He was so out of it, didn’t even realize Sheng Nan was calling him. (I wonder what’s the song playing in the background. Kind of nice and sad.) What bravery! Bo Wen was even yelling at Bi Ying! YET it was kind of effective.

That was messed up! How could she? AND I thought she had been in some terrible accident OR was at an inconvenient so she couldn’t answer his calls. (I pity Bo Wen sooo much! Glad to see he’s happy again BUT not cool that he was tricked for a while and still is being lied to. Possibly there could be some other reasonable explanation but still…)

And Da Tong was celebrating that Mo Gui Pai Zhang wasn’t around to bully them? She’s a beauty but she was as strict! (Serves Da Tong right for being such a pervert.) I just love Sheng Nan’s style! She made them say it out loud! LOL! How embarrassing but this would make them think twice about saying stuff like that in the future, especially during the day and within surveillance like that. (So funny that Sheng Nan was saying something like what Shan Ren said like awhile back with how they were going about, like they didn’t eat yet.)

The ‘whispering’ twins were still at it! Never give up on that. They thought it was worse with An Bang but had no idea Sheng Nan didn’t give them any mercy. If they don’t quiet down, they might get it as well. Shan Ren was still defending her? (Well, of course, he still thought of her as ‘his beauty’ so wouldn’t want to Wang Wei to talk about her in that way.)

At this rate, they would rather have Mo Gui Pai Zhang back! LOL! No break at all. Oh, never mind, I spoke too soon. It was Mo Gui Pai Zhang’s idea after all. Da Tong got in trouble again! (Nothing new again.) Lai Hu thought he was given a break, eh? Now was the time for him to know that his connections meant nothing. (For some reason, I thought An Bang was a lot gentler to Shi Jun though. Maybe because Shi Jun was one of the hard-working ones – unlike the other pranksters.)

Now I know where Tian Bin got his attitude from. Poor that dude who picked up the phone.

Okay, I forgive Hai Sheng for keep picking on Luo Gang since the first episode since he’s such a righteous person. He was looking out for Shi Jun and not letting the other dude bully him. I guess one of the things that’s most admirable with Hai Sheng was that, always looking out for others so he has more friends by his side than the other dude. Oohhh…so cool. Finally, a chance for Luo Gang and Hai Sheng to make peace with one another. That was great, seeing that matters wouldn’t drag so long. (I guess it was a hint with Da Tong counting to nine and emphasizing that the other side was badly outnumbered.)

Naptime for everyone. JUST KIDDING…at least some tried. Wu Yong was so mean! Playing that trick on Lai Hu! And I thought he was looking out for Lai Hu. I was sooo wrong. Da Tong sleeping with his eyes opened? LOL! Then what was funnier was the whole sending message to them! Poor Hao Zhi getting picked on. And hmmm…secretive with Luo Gang and all. Hai Sheng’s message was the funniest. (And he was so thick-skinned too!) But it was so nice seeing Bo Wen all happy and joking around with the rest of them once again. But not for long since he was disturbed once again upon seeing the clip on TV. (Too bad.) Bo Wen’s request with going outside to make a call was the end of the episode. Wonder if he could extract some information.
Previews! LOL! Hai Sheng was on the brink of winning, but Yu Ting sabotaged him! LOL! Luo Gang agreeing to participate in the match? A first…since he was often seen alone–or possibly with Lai Hu at times. Everyone was so in sync with each other! Wang Wei laughing at them with their beauty mask! (It was too hard to hold it in anyway!)

I was right! Ratings went up for this episode. It was 11.45. Hopefully, it would continue to rise again!

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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