Gangster Rock

The saddest thing about this whole experience was that I was actually anticipating it since I learned of the collaboration between Van and Leon. What it lack wasn't the music, the acting or the plot BUT the poor directing job and editing that made it hard to endure. It was like someone decided to be … Continue reading Gangster Rock

Hua Shan * 24

"Memory is an accumulation of impressions of the people and things you meet." Blue portrayed an MV director, Vin, in here while Annie was a tour guide, Xin You. Vin could be seen as a strict director who was almost like a perfectionist, always seeking for a unique style and relied on his inspirations to create the stories … Continue reading Hua Shan * 24


This was not a single movie but a series of short stories surrounding the same theme. There were four stories in this saga. The first one starred Van Fan and Megan Lai, the second Blue and Annie, the third one Ethan and Alice (of course), and the last one was Tracy's story. San Sheng You … Continue reading L-O-V-E