Visible Wings

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This album comes in several versions (as most albums do nowadays), I got the one that included a photo album titled “Be With Angela” with a set of simplistic shots against several more glamorized ones. As far as the songs go, it might be just me but the songs sound better on the actual CD than when I was listening to it with the loaded online versions.

1. That Girl. Catchy and inspirational. After listening to it several more times, I managed to let it sink in. It’s not a bad song, just need to understand more to appreciate it. It’s just that it’s different from her usual soft, inspirational ones so it might not be as accepted.

2. Keep Walking Despite The Rain (淋雨一直走). Another encouraging, inspirational one. Not bad at all. I like some of the imagery used for the lyrics.

3. How Have You Been Recently? (最近好嗎?). Average. This goes toward the typical ‘love hurt’ songs. I felt it could have been better.

4. Visible Wings (有形的翅膀). This song is actually a good song on its own, like a standalone song. Yet the production team had to bring it onto themselves to link it back to her previous hit song “Invisible Wings” hence reducing its significant altogether. Because this song has its own good points. However, it couldn’t be compared to “Invisible Wings” – both vocal and lyric-wise. Not to mention the power the other song exuded made it even more addicting and inspirational. This one is wordy and not as memorable as the other one.

5. I Haven’t Changed (我沒改變). This song is actually quite ironic, considering how her style had changed since the last album. But seriously just focusing on the lyrics only, quite good and some of the things are actually true because she hadn’t changed with her hardworking attitude thus far. This song actually stands out more than the previous two songs. Not that those are really bad, just that it didn’t catch on for me. Not quite yet.

6. Not Listening (講不聽). Supposedly catchy song and leaning on the ‘pop’ side. I will admit it’s quite upbeat and trying to draw attention. Yet it didn’t get to me.

7. Honesty. It has been a while since listening to Angela sing in English. It’s not like it’s a bad song yet I feel it’s so bland. Serious, lol. Not sure it was the way she sang it or it was the mixing. Or maybe the theme was just so overused with honesty and all those lying stuff, etc. I actually liked some of her past English songs more.

8. If I’m The One For You. Kind of touching, somewhat sad, and bitter at the same time. LOL! Kind of passive at times. Not too begging or too trying to please the other party. Talking about the words here. I was actually surprised this one sort of grew on me.

9. Prince’s Illness(王子病). Playing on the “Princess’ Illness”, this song indicated that the guy population has some ‘issues’ too (lol). Upbeat and somewhat addicting. I thought it was quite cute actually. One of the rare cute songs nowadays that I don’t mind, lol.

10. Brothers And Sisters (兄弟姐妹). OMG, I actually really, really liked this song after listening to it more carefully. So carefree and so hopeful. About friendships mostly, not just limiting relations to just families. Sometimes families aren’t just about blood relations. Relationships could be established through different encounters. The free-spirited feeling of the song had somewhat affected me too. Though it felt like a typical pop song, the words made it so nice. Aside from the upbeat parts, it made me think of the general jianghu stuff with some of the lyrics used. (LOL)

11. It’s Me (是我). Touching in a sense. Okay song for me.

So final favorites? #1, 2, 5, 8, 9, and 10. With 8 being the weakest link.

I actually wasn’t going to get this album because I felt it was really weird to only like some songs in it. But I caved in after much consideration, and honestly, I don’t regret it at this point. Though this album kind of lean toward general pop more than her usual inspirational and/or more realistic styles from the other albums, but I got used to it after several more listens. Not to mention, some actually surprised me when I listened to those more carefully.

Fans might have noticed that this isn’t her best one, but I’m letting her off this time because of the change in the company and still experimenting with several styles. Hopefully, her next one will be more up to par against previous works.

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