Your Number One by Wallace Huo

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(Credit: WallaceHuoVEVO)

This song was my first time listening to Wallace Huo and Tian Xia Di Yi (World’s Finest) was also my first series of watching him also. I remember the reason why I wanted to watch the series was because of Roger Kwok. But I was glad to discover Wallace Huo since he is one of those that isn’t just about all looks. Sure, he is not the most extraordinary singer out there, but his voice is unique. (It counts more than those repetitive voices out there so that’s why I don’t go for the awesome ones because I often get bored with those.) I also think that he’s one of those that deserved his fame since he worked really hard for it over the years, portraying all sorts of characters–whether it was admirable or not. He was not good at every single one of them, but he tried and worked very hard for it. He was brought to fame because of those hunk roles he got, such as the role of Xing Wang from Westside Story or Li Wei Xiang from 100% Senorita, but he did not stay comfortable in those roles. He wanted to try out different ones too–even when he could not look his best in those roles, especially the role of Lu Yun Xiang in Sound of Colors. Not to mention, he specifically wanted to cut his hair for Wu Shi Lang to complete the new image of the hateful, money greed Li Ya Shou. (It was said that he didn’t wear makeup to have a more realistic effect but I can’t account for it.)

Anyway, I think he is one of those that I don’t mind watching every single one of his work–although I would get frustrated sometimes at his roles or other roles in that particular drama. It just shows that he’s portraying that role the exact way it should be to get such a reaction.

I’m also looking forward to his upcoming projects as well, especially Chinese Paladin III. But somehow, I wish he would come out with another album. He’s probably too busy with filming to take on singing? It would still be great to see another album in the future. Maybe a duet with Angela Chang?

Regarding MV: I was going to choose Tian Xia Di Yi‘s opening theme version but ended up using this one since I just need to get this out of my system. People need to grow up already. That was for the context and controversial effect of the story weaved in the MV. I read an article that it was Wallace who chose Rosamund Kwan to be the female lead for the MV because they collaborated in the Hands in the Hair movie around that same time. But I could not be sure since I read the article years ago and could have missed something or remember it wrong. However, it could probably be for promo purposes of that movie also. (I never got the chance to watch the movie but heard it was built around the same concept with the MV.) Plus, it’s Wallace’s album, after all, I think he deserves to have a saying as to who he wants to invite to star in. Work is work after all. Just because the media loves to blow everything up and create stories, do us fans have to believe? (He was rumored with quite a few co-stars. If he had so much time to spend with all of them as the media said, would he have time to film or rest?) Think about it. (And even if he was with anyone of them before or will likely to be in the future, it’s his life after all. Would you want everyone to influence your decision as to whom you should be with?)

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