808 by Wilber Pan

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Mr. Pan is back with another album and it’s following the number thing. His birthday is August and it’s also his 8th album, nice?

Another good album. The first song (全面通緝) was very catchy and I’d already lost count of the number of times of which I put it on repeat. The MV was fun to watch though I thought the commentary or somewhat of the short film beforehand to tell the story was on the edge of cheesy. Seriously, I love Will but it was a bit dragged out for my taste.

The second favorite from the album must be the main theme of Endless Love aka “We’re All Afraid of Pain.” Though the rest of the tracks were as enjoyable. We got to see more of Will’s witty style and dance moves.

My favorite MV out of it all must be the one for “UUU” because it contained some comedic moments and somewhat sweet at the end too. The way it was planned out was quite creative also. (Though must admit that all of Will’s MVs are creative–on different levels.)

What goodies were in the album? The photo booklet (of course). What else? A calendar.

Yeah, that one. The one that you have to use a magnifying glass to see the dates accurately. LOL! It’s okay. I wasn’t in for the calendar or other goodies, but just the music and MVs. So I was a happy person after purchasing it. No complaints.

Recommended? How much do you love Will?

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

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