Angel Lover OST

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Old, but I still want to talk about it, considering how much I love the TV drama itself.


1. Angel’s Intro. A suitable start for the soundtrack. Calm and soothing, as should regarding angels. It had a sense of security within it.

2. Discover True Love (發現真愛) by Ming Dao, Jacky Chu, and Ehlo Huang (明道+祝釩剛+黃玉榮). A powerful song and a good choice for the main theme of the drama. All three guys harmonized nicely with one another and created a very lively feeling.

3. We Will Fly (夢.飛翔). Instrumental. A mixture of hopefulness and power.

4. Falling (壁入). Instrumental. Haunting and projecting a feeling of uncertainty.

5. No Regrets for Loving You (不後悔的決定) by Ming Dao and Jacky Chu (明道+祝釩剛). A fun and heartwarming song.

6. Seeing Love (看見愛). Instrumental. This is the tone down, guitar version of the main theme. Still powerful in a sense but created a calmer feeling.

7. Can’t Return To That Beautiful Time (回不到那些美好時光). Instrumental. This is the string version of track #10/18. Nice and smooth just by itself.

8. Open Your Eyes (張開雙眼). Instrumental. This is the uplifting version of the main theme.

9. Can We Try? (可以重新再來嗎?). Instrumental. Another version of track #10/18. This is the wind instruments version of it.

10. Eraser in the Head (腦海的橡皮擦) by Ehlo Huang (黃玉榮). Ehlo gets to sing alone for this song. Well deserved too. At first, I swear he sounded like Jacky. Yet if listened to more carefully, it’s him all right.

11. How Are You? (你好不好?). Instrumental version of track #16.

12. Forgotten Promise (被遺忘的承諾). Instrumental. This is the piano version of track #10/18.

13. Starting to Understand (開始明白). Instrumental. This is the soft piano version of the main theme.

14. Afraid of Darkness (怕黑) by Bianca Bai (白歆惠) Surprised yet a very good and heartbreaking song. Bianca’s voice is nice and clear. It creates a very haunting feeling as fit with the song’s theme.

15. Forever Yours (永遠的愛). Instrumental. String version of the main theme.

16. Forgotten (遺忘) by Ming Dao and Ehlo Huang (明道+黃玉榮). The ending theme of the drama. The guys harmonized nicely here. Ehlo brought out the powerful yet tragic side of the song while Ming Dao contributed the sullen feeling of it.

17. Close Your Eyes (閉上眼). Instrumental. Another version of the main theme YET I feel like I hit a confusion wall where I couldn’t distinguish between different versions anymore. LOL!

18. Make A New Start (從頭) by Ming Dao, Ehlo Huang, and Jacky Chu (明道+黃玉榮+祝釩剛). This is the same song as track 10, but I’m not even sure why they have different song titles for it. Not that I’m complaining that there are two versions, lol. Just curious. Although the main theme (that all three of them sang together) was upbeat and this one sad, but the guys harmonized so nicely. Like there was a doubt since they’ve been in the same band for a while now.


1. Discover True Love MV (發現真愛). Nice, powerful MV, just like the song itself. The designs of the background were suitable for the song itself. There were also scenes from the drama merged in at times.

2. Forgotten MV (遺忘). Although Jacky didn’t participate vocally for this song, he was in the MV. I actually like the live version I listened to years back with Jacky taking over some of the main parts more. That’s just because I’m biased, lol. But honestly, I loved the background designed for the MV, suitable for the drama itself. There were also scenes from the drama vamped into the MV as well.

3. No Regrets For Loving You MV (不後悔的決定). Ehlo didn’t sing but appeared in the MV like how it was with Jacky for the other song. The MV was as lively as the song projected in the vocal version.

4. Make A New Start MV (從頭). A dark, sullen MV as expected. Again, some scenes from the drama were included in the MV. There were errors in some of the lyrics. It made a lot of us laughed after spotting it, but what was done had already been done. Other than that, another nice theme for the MV itself.

All in all, a very good soundtrack for the drama itself. A very nice album to have for the collection, especially if you’re a 183 Club fan. Although I loved the soundtrack, which was obvious with my comments throughout, what puzzled me to no end was not including Alex To for the soundtrack. Seriously? Even Bianca got to sing. (And I like her!) Other than that, awesome soundtrack!

*All images were scanned by DTLCT.

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