Endless Love: Line 11

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

I took a break before watching this episode to try and calm down and maybe even give that despicable Min Shuo a chance. Yup, yet another one–like he deserved it or anything. But now that I continued, I couldn’t believe that he was carrying out this plan. He actually faked the documents to let Rui En’s father sign the release so he could come and take Jing Hao’s father out of that one facility to use as a bargaining chip? Won’t even try and stay calm regarding that anymore since that Min Shuo had seriously gone overboard. WAY past overboard already. (At this rate, is he going to enter prison for deception, kidnapping, and other things that he’s going to do soon? Because at this point, it’s too cheesy to make up some stupid excuse like he was doing it because of love and was too blind with it. PUH-LEASE!) Yes, he recruited Bi Yun to help him in this whole conspiracy; and then his actions should just be justified for it, right? scoffs I honestly hope they would make it so that we would be satisfied with the ending in the end to the point where it’s not just about Jing Hao and Rui En getting together, but punishing Min Shuo and Bi Yun severely for running others’ lives AND kidnapping. (And I think the episode cheated again with showing us Min Shuo’s plan now hence the picture he sent over to Jing Hao at the end of the previous episode.)

OMG! I thought NoQ was supposed to help Rui En with her plan. How in the world did he end up trying to pursue someone at their workplace? Nice! The other guys saw right through it so they took advantage of the situation by wanting in on some of the things NoQ asked as well, lol. Kind of cute and funny for this hectic atmosphere though.

Yup, they cheated with the ending scene of the previous episode. Now it explained how Min Shuo got the latest picture of Jing Hao’s father. (The creators seriously need to stop confusing us with that. I meant I got it and was looking out for it after a few episodes of it. YET some people might still be confused and end up giving up because of the chronological order not making sense, etc.) And here we were again, witnessing Min Shuo’s despicable plan unfolding even more. AND yes, not surprising anymore that Min Shuo should put the blame on Jing Hao for letting Rui En work at the company. Jing Hao’s response was kind of priceless though, lol. (This is my company, it has nothing to do with you. LOL! Exactly! It was about time someone told him off. He kept trying to control others’ lives and wanting others to operate by his standards and request. Seriously a spoiled brat like I said before, throwing some tantrums and some despicable tactics if things don’t go his way.) Pathetic moment again why Min Shuo was asking for the reason that Jing Hao had left without saying anything three years ago. Yup, the creators were definitely trying to justify Min Shuo’s behaviors and trying to make his actions acceptable YET he was just doing all of that for his own gain, pretending to be the good guy. What was even more pathetic was Min Shuo saying if Jing Hao still loved Rui En, then Min Shuo was more than glad to let them be (but the phrases he used was like saying how he was with Rui En and could just be a bigger person and let them have their happiness or something), which was pathetic because he was never attached to Rui En in the first place; nor was he Rui En’s father, so what right did he have in saying it like he was giving them permission. The only time that Jing Hao would ever lose to anything was when it involved his father. (The second situation that would make him lose was, of course, matters regarding Rui En. His father was the other person who mattered to him in this world, so of course, it was hard to for Jing Hao to just shrug the whole thing off, even if it was a slim chance that the despicable Min Shuo would keep his words. And this time, Jing Hao was winning and losing at the same time. But just according to my messed up, twisted, out of control suggestion, Jing Hao could just beat the crap out of Min Shuo and make him spill the information out. Hey, Min Shuo’s such a sissy dude, not being able to take pain but could only inflict it on others through his despicable means, so he deserves a beating AND wouldn’t be able to take it much. He would want to live and carry out his despicable deeds more so he would eventually say it, right?) Pathetic once again that Min Shuo was thinking he was the only who could give Rui En happiness BECAUSE DIDN’T HE FORGET HOW MUCH PAIN HE CAUSED HER IN THE PAST? (YES, it seemed like Rui En and everyone else was too forgiving or too blind to see it when it happened, so I have to repeat it over and over.) I feel so sad for Xin Jie though for being used in this whole game. I meant I DO NOT blame Jing Hao since he would be capable of taking care of her and protecting her like he’d done in the past. He would treat her well like she deserved and give her all the happiness, etc. He would be able to keep his words as well. But she was being used as a bargaining chip in this whole master plan of Min Shuo’s too.

Based on past records, I think Jing Hao and Rui En are only capable of bullying each other and not strike back at others. Or perhaps they’re the type of people who would approach one another directly to solve problems, not going through others or using side tactics to get what they want. On the other hand, though, I think Rui En would have to sign in to a nuthouse or some kind of insanity facility soon if they kept manipulating her emotions like that. Though she didn’t know why exactly (the real reason, not the fake version he gave her), but the way things were, she would go crazy soon. (I hope that despicable Min Shuo would be happy now.) Jing Hao’s plan backfired again since he wanted to make Rui En hate him by saying and doing things that would make her hate him even more. Yet she welcomed his embrace more than anything. So, of course, he had to stop and pull away or he would never be able to. (Then I sort of am pissed off at Rui En–just to be fair with every single damn character in here–that she should seek out Min Shuo at the hospital and let him comfort her. No wonder he kept coming back and NOT let go. She was doing that to him without realizing it. WHO FREAKING CARES IF SHE THINKS HE’S JUST HER BROTHER? HE DOESN’T THINK SO, SO SHE SHOULD JUST KEEP HER DISTANCE LIKE ONCE UPON A TIME TO KILL HIS HOPE ALREADY. And ‘kind of pissed off’ was an understatement. Then look at the way Min Shuo wanted Rui En to say those words of letting go of Jing Hao makes him an obvious control freak. She sort of brought it onto herself by kept going to seek him out, BUT that just showed more of his character. Was she so blind and so tired of the battle that she couldn’t see what type of a jerk he is?)

That was kind of priceless again. Like she was giving up so easily. (Or was Rui En’s reciting of Min Shuo’s words an attempt to brush him off for the time being since he was just being a pest?) Jing Hao looked worried for her all right when her spot was empty. Then she just appeared, saying that he did not need to worry. (LOL!) But then her next words sort of stumped him (and me too). I was celebrating too fast. It’s good that she’s thinking for herself and will work hard because of her career and not just because of him, but I hate to see Min Shuo succeeding. She better not accept that jerk already or it would be like jumping back and forth like that. I’m sure there are LOTS OF OTHER MEN IN TAIWAN ASIDE FROM MIN SHUO?

Well, other problems would have to wait since Xin Jie’s so-called mother was back to cause trouble for them. More like she wanted to sell her daughter off some more. Yup, she was selling her daughter off–for the last time this time. Or if she would keep her words.

After all those frustrating scenes, I think this must be the most touching scene thus far (at least after the three years gap). Jing Hao reuniting with his father.

So Xin Jie’s mother got another source of money. She should be really happy now. Maybe she should find some more people willing to pay up before she let go? roll eyes

Yes, fate intervened again so Jing Hao was forced to seek out Rui En. Okay, it was more of Liang Ba Ba’s tantrums but I think Min Shuo dug his grave by using Liang Ba Ba as a bargaining chip. It would’ve been better if he hadn’t interfered and ignore the fact that he saw Liang Ba Ba with Rui En’s father. ‘Cause seriously, by using Liang Ba Ba to negotiate and having to sneak him out, Liang Ba Ba would now make things more difficult for Jing Hao. Then Jing Hao, being a filial child that he was, would want to carry out the old man’s request hence this scene. That was priceless that Rui En was saying that Jing Hao’s matter had nothing to do with her so why would he need to beg her, lol. How does he like it now, eh? (I told you guys Min Shuo dug his own grave.) And it was the end of the episode with Jing Hao blurting out that it was regarding his father and that his father wasn’t dead yet.

Previews. Hahaha…yup, more things unleashed with Liang Ba Ba recognizing Bi Yun. Min Shuo dug his own grave, what did I say? But why in the world did Rui En accept Min Shuo’s proposal? Or did she? GOSH! WAS HE THE ONLY MAN IN TAIWAN? Honestly…

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