On The Set: Part XIII

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TF: Well? Any luck?
QQ: I found my house key but no car key.

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TF: So, what about my offer?
QQ (thinking): If I agree, maybe I can extract more information from him on the way home. That way, I’ll know for sure if he has my key or not.

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TF: Hey, why are you accusing me of such things? I would never do such things!
QQ: How in the world should I know? You’re always up to something!

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TF: Qiao Qiao, happy birthday!
QQ: What? It’s Xiao Kui’s birthday today, not mine.
TF: So? I just like the scene so I’m acting it out right now. Great practice for you. Play along! By the way, why is that guy lurking in front of your house in the middle of the night? I thought you don’t allow visitors around this time.

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QQ: How should I know? Maybe he found my key?
TF: Sounds suspicious. If he has it, why didn’t he call you so we can just swing by to pick it up? I think he’s up to no good.
QQ: You’re the one up to no good!

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TF: Hmm…maybe I should escort you in to be safe.
QQ: No.
TF: Why not?
QQ: Remember what happened last time when you almost got into a fight with him?
TF: He started it.
QQ: Like you’re any better.

*Caps by ShadowoftheNight

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