On The Set: Part XV

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TF: That was great victory last night, huh? Want to go somewhere for celebration today? I’ll drive.
QQ: You still notice we won? Who fell asleep half way thru and almost cost us a painful defeat?
TF: Come on now. You have to give me credit for recruiting all those people. Even Jacky came.
QQ: Okay, whatever. Where are we going today then?

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RF: Hey, don’t go with him! They were cheating last night, I’m telling you. Don’t let him convince you otherwise. You should take singing lessons with me instead of…
QQ: What are you talking about?
TF: Hey! Go back home!
RF: Qiao Qiao, you have to believe me. It’s only because Tony wasn’t around so they won it with Jacky’s help.

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TF: We won fair and square, okay? And are you implying you’re hopeless without Tony?
RF: Hey! I’m not talking to you!
QQ: I can’t be bothered with the both of you.
TF: Yes, I can’t be bothered to listen to him either. Go home, Zax.
RF: Why you…

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QQ: Hey! What are you doing? Stop fighting!

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QQ: I’m begging you. Even if he’s the most annoying person in this world, you still can’t waste time fighting with him, right?
TF: Hey! Are you defending me or stomping on my pride?
QQ: Shut up! You’re not helping the situation.

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TF: That was some great acting. You’re really improving. He was convinced that he made you cried so he left.
QQ: I wasn’t pretending. I thought he would beat you up for real.
TF: That means you thought I would lose?

*Caps by ShadowoftheNight

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