Once Again

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I just replaced my mp3 player the other day and decided to load some old songs in along with the ones I still have around on my laptop. (Yeah, my old mp3 player died.) Anyway, I was listening to this song again and was thinking maybe I should blog about their reunion recently.

Their reunion was indeed a surprise for me (and perhaps for some people too). Aside from Jacky’s recent collaboration with Sam in their drama, They Are Flying, they don’t seem to have activities together. But that doesn’t mean they can’t hang out together off-work, right? And this occasion is just that.

Johnny, being the leader that he is, posted the picture first on Weibo and informed the rest of us (friends and fans–and whoever else that’s stalking) about the gathering. What I found interesting about the picture was Jacky being stuck between Ehlo and Johnny. (YES, they’re my favorites on the same level, and then the other two equally. DON’T ASK, it gets WAY complicated to explain.)

Sam soon forwarded it and attached a message in English. (Gotta love him for this because it makes it that much better for the rest of us who do not read/know Chinese that well.) With Sam’s promise, we could understand how close all of them still are. (Then it inspires me to do a calendar set for them next year! Who’s in for this idea?)

Jacky posted the same picture of them several days later. He expressed his happiness about the gathering. YET also made his annoyance known because they were tagged. (Two guesses!)

But have no fear, because their moods weren’t spoiled by that. Since Jacky posted another picture several days later. It was probably from the same reunion but they probably found some other more private place to hang around. (One of the guys’ house? Just guessing here SO don’t go after me for it.)

Though several days late, but Ehlo soon posted the same picture from the diner also–with his own thoughts of it, of course.

Some who are reading this might be asking: What about Ming Dao? What about him? He didn’t post one. I scrolled up and down, each time slower than before on his page but didn’t see anything, not even a message about it. HOWEVER, the most important thing is HE WAS THERE. He took time out of his busy schedule and spent time with them because he cared. That’s enough. Perhaps he was too busy and didn’t have time to post and only posted about work later on. Or maybe he will post in the future. OR he saw that the others had posted about it already and he felt that he didn’t have to. They must have enjoyed their gathering and have exchanged a lot already. As long as they had a good time together as brothers, they do not need to share with us. (At least I don’t go out of my way to criticize or give him a hard time about it.)

This indeed has been a nice gift for me after so many days of not seeing them all together again. And it’s even better that it’s not about work. Then I’m sitting here while writing this wondering about the ten-year mark approaching soon. Is there really going to be a reunion concert? Or are we all getting ourselves too excited because the media had hinted so? Leave it up to the media to suspect some type of motive or conspiracy for their gathering though. Because honestly, they’re good brothers after all, so isn’t it normal for them to hang out without concealing themselves first? (There has been speculation floating around about their public appearance being some sort of stunt to draw attention for a possible reunion concert–or possibly re-establishing their band once again.) But whatever it is, I hope they will always maintain a good bond–regardless of a possible reunion concert or other plans. (That’s a bonus, but it doesn’t have to be so for the rest of us to like them because the usual loyal fans are still supporting them, right?)

*All images were captured by DTLCT, BUT the rights of the posts from Weibo still belong to the four people mentioned in the article, so stalk them here: Jacky, Ehlo, Johnny, Sam, and Ming Dao.

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2 thoughts on “Once Again

  1. Thank you so much for tracking through the guys’ Weibos and so demonstrating that the renunion seemed to mean a lot to them all. So many times when a group breaks up, there is a lot of bitterness, but in this case the boys seem to have maintained a genuine friendship. The song Zai Yi Bian was always one of my favourites, too.
    Fingers crossed on the 10th anniversary concert idea.

  2. @vgag – YES, definitely crossing my fingers on the 10th anniversary idea. And I know what you mean regarding how things flying around about bands who separated on bitterness or whatnot, but this group seemed to get along very well on their free time.

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