Will Pan – 007

I think this is a 50/50 chance. I do not mean the rating either. It’s just one of those styles that you just really love or really hate. Having only followed since after his last album, Will’s Future, I think I can’t really judge. However, I must say that since I supported his style this long, I really like this one also.

Anyway, I bought the Commemorate Edition. I must say it was really worth it–even if there is no ring in this one. In place of the other extra goodies, this one contains 3 MVs and behind-the-scenes footages, plus an interview of Will.

From the past pattern, it is not a surprise that Will loves food. It’s really interesting though to see different types of food being set out.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT

6 thoughts on “Will Pan – 007

  1. I first realised who Wilber Pan was in December 2008 when I was in Shanghai. Although I usually stay clear of really touristy places, I found myself walking along Nanjing Rd East. There were three gigantic photos of TW stras endorsing something, I forget what. I recognised Wang Lee Holm and Angela Zhang but I didn’t know the other star. My friend explained it was Wil Pan, so I started paying more attenmtion to his music after that…