Legend of Star Apple: Episode 1

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WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

I never really watched this properly so I thought I start doing that.

First off, the song “A Little Fuss” (鬧鬧) to start the drama was a good choice since it insisted on a game at play while at the same time, there was some mixed emotion to it–mostly good feelings. This was a collaboration between Zhang Xin Yu and Sweety. An interesting one because their voices match so well and created a playful effect to the song but the words made it sound so innocent yet meaningful at the same time.

Secondly, the beginning of the story reminded me somewhat of At the Dolphin Bay regarding a legend. Of course, it was different in its context and locations, but I could not help but think of it.

Thirdly, that was just plain witty how the crashing of the wedding turned out to be. I meant other dramas portrayed the whole dramatic scene or emotional scene of crashing a wedding–running away, etc. But this was partially because of Tao Si’s unwilling to be defeated by some arrangement by his parents and also because of Rui Rui’s encounter with that one scary pig.

(And might I say the groom looked like he was going to a funeral more than a wedding? Not to mention that I almost thought Rui Rui was already attached to Tao Si so that was why she was shouting at the top of her lungs with the “No!” when they were asking Tao Si if he was willing.) Cute introduction of characters all the same.

Fourth, I suddenly remember why I like this drama so much although it was not the best one ever made. It was all because of Van Fan’s songs. (Well, at least that was partially the reason.)

I swear Tao Si should’ve thought of running WAY before his father caught on. Or was he having too much fun watching the scene unfold? (Or more like the wedding all ruined.) Busted, I guess… Love their expressions! (Rui Rui thought Tao Si’s father was talking about her since she was causing the mishaps–accidentally of course.)

Eh…Tao Si trying to take advantage of the situation? No, he was just trying to shush her up since he did not want to be found out. They still have time to argue? Luckily, they found shelter in time! (But it was quite amusing seeing how Tao Si was trying to climb the tree.) Awww…they looked so cute together.

And then Rui Rui just had to ruin his mood by making that comment. Oh well…at least he still had time to socialize! Getting friendly, huh?

And Tao Si, that was not how you were supposed to score points with girls. Pulling her down with you just like that so she almost broke her face was not it.

Lucky for him that they did not have much time to argue over that incident. However, it was not so lucky since they managed to find a beehive! Eek!

Then came the scene where our Little Fish was chosen for the role!

It was also revealed of Tao Si’s past. Little Tao Si and Little Rui Rui were as cute! (Ishii Mika do look like Zhang Xin Yu at some angles.)

The song “Primrose” by Sweety playing in the background the whole time made it even more enchanting.

If only Rui Rui still treated Tao Si like she used to when they were kids.

(Uh…Rui Rui….that was an accident. You might have reacted too strongly since he was supposed to be almost dead, right? Or did you check his pulse carefully?)

Nice comback, Tao Si! A red packet? That would solve the problem?

Uh…Tao Si, that was not how you thanked someone who just saved you from drowning. Pushed her over? Happy, paddle!

So the fun ended since Rui Rui had to go and rescue her Tang Tang! (Oh why did Tang Tang had to swallow the ring?)

And that was so cute of Sha Sha and Bo Lun–although she sounded too bossy. (Wei Ru was so charming and funny at the same time with her bossy nature yet it showed a sense of character all the same.)

Though it was a bit exaggerated, it was still a touching scene with Rui Rui caring so much for her piglet. Probably showing how caring she was toward the animals on the farm. Also, though Sha Sha was a bit harsh toward Bo Lun, it showed her friendship toward Rui Rui.

And it was a miracle! Tao Si finally made it to land! But I must agree with Rui Rui that he was a turtle. Seriously, it took him that long? All that build was for show? (But I guess he was a Young Master after all so can’t blame him. Not to mention his fear of water.)

So he was on the run again. Too bad not for long. So funny of him trying to use that to hide. Come on now. Unless they had really poor eyesight, they’ve seen him. (They were really blind after all.) Tao Si did it! He deceived them!

Okay, not really…since he got himself into another obstacle. Phew! So the guy was only trying to catch the butterfly…and did not mean to harm Tao Si in any way…YET!

Nice going AGAIN, Tao Si! No, he was not that hungry. Don’t you know anything at all? (Guess not.) And that was so amusing! Tao Si sure doesn’t know anything.

Wow! So he read! Okay, at least they got that sort out…

Ooooh….that expression looks so familiar! Tao Si’s up to something again! What what? Great plan!

And Tao Si, why are we stripping? Oooh, changing clothes to deceive others. Great move.

Wrong move, Tao Si! NOT the hat!

Ah…Rui Rui finally found Tao Si again! Tang Tang is indeed saved!

Tao Si, so you’re the expert now?

Talking about betrayals though, too bad Tao Si misunderstood Rui Rui! (If looks could kill.)

Still, a very funny and entertaining first episode. All the major characters have appeared.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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