Celebs Friendship Moments: Wallace and Van

I meant to do this saga for a while now but haven't gotten around to it until now. But first off, I want to share regarding Wallace and Van. I never realized how close they are, but I have always associated them together because of Sound of Colors. Some might be confused by now. But … Continue reading Celebs Friendship Moments: Wallace and Van

All About Wallace Huo

So I decided to start some kind of saga to share the things I love and hate about my favorites. Who's the first one on the plate? Who else but Mr. Huo, right? But before I get started, DO REMEMBER that these are my personal likes and dislikes SO if you don't agree with me, … Continue reading All About Wallace Huo

Memorable Sad Endings: Part II

Coincidentally or not so coincidentally, the second one I want to discuss also involves Wallace Huo. Fans might still remember the tragic story of Gui Hai Yi Dao (歸海一刀) and Shang Guan Hai Tang (上官海棠). They went through so much together yet was not able to stay together because we all know that she died … Continue reading Memorable Sad Endings: Part II

Wallace and Tammy’s Lucky Day

While doing routine browsing, I just decided to check DramaWiki to see what's up lately--though it is not as reliable sometimes (not as updated--that is) and found out about Wallace and Tammy's upcoming drama, Lucky Day. I think it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is more of my lucky day. With … Continue reading Wallace and Tammy’s Lucky Day

Your Number One by Wallace Huo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92OdeKo0YaI (Credit: WallaceHuoVEVO) This song was my first time listening to Wallace Huo and Tian Xia Di Yi (World's Finest) was also my first series of watching him also. I remember the reason why I wanted to watch the series was because of Roger Kwok. But I was glad to discover Wallace Huo since he … Continue reading Your Number One by Wallace Huo