Rookies' Diary OST

I’ve been supporting the drama throughout so of course I went out and bought the soundtrack. The CD consisted of 7 songs and 3 instrumentals. The 7 songs included:
1.  Under The Same Sky aka Tong Yi Pian Tian Kong (同一片天空) by Yao Yuan Hao (姚元浩), Liu Xiang Ci (劉香慈), David Lin Dao Yuan (林道遠), Qian Jun Zhong (錢君仲), Tang Feng (唐豐), Xia Zheng Feng (夏政峰), Fu Zi Chun (傅子純), Zhao Jun Ya (趙駿亞), Ah Pang (阿龐), Debbie Huang Di Jun (黃荻鈞), Xiao Xiao Yu (小小瑜), and Ah Gan (阿竿) – A powerful song that fits the theme of the drama really well. Great to see the main cast getting together to sing it. Though a very powerful and meaningful song, but it only stands third of my favorites.
2. Super Friends aka Chao Ji Peng You (超級朋友) by David Lin Dao Yuan (林道遠), Xia Zheng Feng (夏政峰), and Qian Jun Zhong (錢君仲) – A song about friendship and I totally agree with letting these three sing it.
3. My Love aka Wo De Ai (我的愛) by Liu Xiang Ci ( 劉香慈) and Ah Pang (阿龐) – Such a nice, slow and sweet song. It has the dreamy effect and I really like it that Xiang Ci is singing it with Ah Pang. They really brought the feelings out for this song. Kind of cute and really nice to imagine for Shan Ren and Sheng Nan fans. (Like me.) This is my second favorite song in the soundtrack.
4. Courageous Strength aka Yong Gan De Li  Liang (勇敢的力量) by Liu Xiang Ci (劉香慈) – Suitable for such a strong, independent person like Sheng Nan.
5. Scarring Heart aka Hen Xin (痕心) by Tang Feng (唐豐) and Debbie Huang Qiu Jun (黃荻鈞) – Interesting song and duet. But not really my favorite. I don’t know. Just me.
6. Miss Seeing Your Face aka Xiang Nian Shi Ni De Lian (想念是你的臉) by Xiao Xiao Yu (小小瑜) – A cute song from a cute girl. I really welcome this song and is my fourth favorite. Really miss Xiao Xiao Yu’s singing and is glad she is able to participate in the soundtrack.
7. Dream aka Meng Xiang (夢想) by Zhao Jun Ya (趙駿亞) – I won’t lie that this is my favorite song out of the whole soundtrack because I put it on repeat so many times. I’m not sure why since it sounds like a normal song but maybe it’s ZJY’s voice. His voice is so powerful and nice. Like really determined, suitable with the theme of the song.
And the instrumentals included the ones for these tracks: #4, #2, and #1–in that order.
The booklet consists of the usual lyrics for the songs and pictures in the drama. The DVD shows different parts of the show and somewhat of different interviews. You learn more of the process, etc.
It’s a good deal if you’re a fan of the drama and everyone who participated in the soundtrack (aka the main cast).
*All images were scanned by DTLCT


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