Endless Love: Line 15

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

They cheated again but not some random scene, just that they were several minutes more over with repeating the previous episode’s ending scene. It’s okay though. Last episode so they needed more time to stretch the last episode. To get some things out of the way, Xin Jie got the message from Min Shuo and rushed in to talk to Jing Hao, pouring her hearts out, etc.

As for Min Shuo, he couldn’t stand it anymore after some hesitation and reconsideration. During one of the walks with Rui En, he couldn’t stand how she kept saying that Jing Hao was despicable and was only thinking of money. Not to mention how her father wanted them to get married. Though he really wanted to be with Rui En, I guess after what he’d seen Jing Hao sacrificing for Rui En, he had to say it. His conscience wouldn’t let him? ‘Cause before, he had thought Jing Hao was the bad guy too, but after that little conspiracy, he’d seen to understand Jing Hao more. He told Rui En what really happened so they went to the hospital to see Jing Hao but found his bed empty. That was when they went to the company to ask for words of Jing Hao. NoQ volunteered to go with Rui En and Min Shuo to Jing Hao’s place to find him gone.

Meanwhile, Xin Jie was seen having a meeting with her mother. She finally got the courage to sever her ties with her mother and fight for her own freedom. She was leaving and was also seeking legal help so her mother wouldn’t and couldn’t control her anymore. The mother totally lost this time yet I don’t pity her because Xin Jie never learned or received any love from her so how could Xin Jie give it back?

Min Shuo managed to persuade Rui En to head home and think up of a new plan. One of Kun Ge’s henchman approached them and gave them a package. It was specifically for Rui En, an answer to his strange comment the other day when they were captured and then released. What was inside was an old fashion recorder. It was compact but effective because it held all the evidence to which Rui En’s father had confessed to Kun Ge as to why he’d done so much these past years. The crime of Rui En’s father did not extend from the accident he’d caused toward Jing Hao’s mother. That was really an accident, and he couldn’t really be blamed. Yet what made the whole thing despicable was kidnapping Jing Hao’s father and hiding him all these years so Jing Hao and Rui En wouldn’t get married. Song Wan Ji’s reason for sabotaging the marriage was that he feared Rui En would suffer after they married because Jing Hao might abuse her or do other things to her because of what her father did–just for revenge. Yet he had miscalculated and things had gone haywire. If he hadn’t mess with Kun Ge, he would’ve succeeded. Yet the truth must be revealed after all, right?

The confrontation between Rui En and her father was really emotional. Her father’s image was completely ruined in her heart. It wasn’t just about choosing the one she loved and her father, but about ruining Jing Hao’s family’s life and then eventually causing grief for them all. Things had gone out of control and he hadn’t expected some of the dramas. But he was the driving force of the whole thing. I felt Sandrine did extremely well at that scene. She doesn’t cry pretty, she never did. But that was what made it so emotional and more realistic. After that confrontation, she left the place–with Min Shuo and NoQ chasing after her.

With so much happening and how she couldn’t find Jing Hao anymore, it was hard to blame her for breaking down completely. Everything in her life was a big joke, especially how her father was such a person. I think what she said was true though, by doing all those, he only loved himself and not her because hadn’t she suffered so much too? Min Shuo took over and encouraged her on, not wanting her to give up after hearing her devastated rant.

After disappearing for days, Xin Jie finally appeared again and even contacted them. First Min Shuo and then the others to inform them about the wedding, wanting them to come and give their blessings to the two–her and Jing Hao that was. NoQ wanted to break the phone yet it was Xue Zhe’s, LOL! NoQ said the screen of Xue Zhe’s phone was bigger? LOL!

What got even funnier was how NoQ and the gym owner were arguing over whether NoQ should sabotage the wedding or not. Yet they ended up killing each (not really but were just reacting too strongly) because NoQ was saying the gym owner wasn’t any better off than him–appearance-wise–and that the gym owner looked like a gorilla. Man, that was priceless! One of the scenes worth laughing over. They were too cute and hilarious. Something to ease off the tension with?

The wedding finally arrived and most of the key characters were there to attend the wedding. Though some were reluctant, just wanting to see some type of show or maybe voiced their objection like NoQ. Possible. Yet Min Shuo was looking all relaxed when he came with Rui En? Was he changing back to a character where he was thinking about his own happiness? Kind of impossible since he’d made quite an effort to help Rui En. Or was that another point-scoring scheme? Before anyone else could figure it out, Rui En was pulled away by Xin Jie to the dressing room. Xin Jie wanted Rui En to help her with something, which we do not know yet–not quite.

The ceremony soon started and Jing Hao was forced to play the game with the application they created to ensure that the person he was marrying would be his fated other half. Jing Hao, we know, had tossed his phone toward Kun Ge during that one confrontation so he didn’t have his anymore. Kun Ge soon reached into his pocket and fetch it for him, tossing the phone to him. So they were ready. No detection or reaction from the software at first while they waited. Jing Hao said the application was only made to seek for a dating partner, it didn’t have anything to do with marriage. But before he could say further, his phone finally responded and it was successful. He and his bride to be was indeed fated to be together.

The big surprise everyone hadn’t known about was that the bride to be was Rui En, not Xin Jie. Jing Hao was confused and so were some of the parties who had arrived to witness the wedding. Xin Jie soon appeared to explain that she had dumped Jing Hao because the application said he wasn’t suitable for her hence allowing him to be with his destined person, which was Rui En. That meant that Xin Jie was in on that conspiracy with Min Shuo when they met up that one time. He’d planned everything with her to the point of making sure everyone got together and attended the wedding that day. After learning those few details, NoQ raised his hand up to say that he had no objections, lol. As of the others, of course, they had no objections as to Jing Hao and Rui En’s marriage. One of the funniest responses was Kun Ge’s 800% support and that he announced their application had succeeded with its purpose. (Great time for advertising their product, eh? LOL!) Yet Jing Hao, himself, objected. What? Weird, eh? But he repeated his words by saying the application they created only proved to find a match for dating, not marriage. He wanted to ask others to give him their blessing instead, specifically Min Shuo. Min Shuo took up the role and asked Jing Hao to tell them how much he loved Rui En before he could give his blessings. So Jing Hao took up the challenge and told everyone present about their story.

After Jing Hao’s recounts, Xue Zhe continued with the usual questions between the bride and groom. Rui En replied ‘I do’ before Xue Zhe was finished while Jing Hao told Xue Zhe to shut up. That sort of scared him (and possibly the guests) but Jing Hao soon told Xue Zhe to finish up with the ceremony and that if anyone was objecting, he would kill them. (LOL!)  Rui En could finally smile and joke with Jing Hao naturally–like once upon a time. The funniest was seeing how hard she hugged him that his wound got affected by the force, which she didn’t care since she declared she didn’t want to let go of him again. Funny that everyone was yelling for them to kiss–and Jing Hao responded by saying like he needed them to say it. Yup, a happy ending indeed.

Some of the things near the ending were a bit rushed yet we could guess that Xin Jie had seen what was going on or at least realized some of the things after what happened so she decided to give up? Then there was Min Shuo finally understanding what type of person Jing Hao really was, so of course, he had no objection. Not to mention how small he must have felt to misunderstand Jing Hao and how much Jing Hao could sacrifice for Rui En. So he got together with Xin Jie and planned it up to the wedding. (I want to take this opportunity to praise Lin Yo Wei again. I seriously, seriously had underestimated him. Yes, I’m making up for past wrongs with scolding him and not even going back to change some comments ’cause I wanted it to reflect my emotions while watching those parts. Now, I just want to say that he seriously brought out his character well with unwilling to lose, to the point that he could resort to some other means, causing grief to others and himself. Then the genuine, concern look, later on, was totally convincing, not the arrogant, fake pitiful look anymore.) As for Song Wan Ji? Anyone felt he got it too easy after that emotional confrontation with Rui En? I did, but after watching the ending, I guess there was no other way. What else could he do, right? If the others had already forgiven him, then that was that. They could move on. Or more like if he didn’t want to lose his daughter, then he should go forth with helping them. Kun Ge was a key character in revealing everything, because if he hadn’t exposed Song Wan Ji then Jing Hao and Rui En could never be together. What I don’t get though was, wasn’t Jing Hao’s father missing like before Jing Hao told Song Wan Ji that Song Wan Ji was the one who ruined his family by running over his mother? So it didn’t make sense. Or maybe he just didn’t want Jing Hao and Rui En together but learned the facts afterward? Or did he go and investigate Jing Hao’s background already before the day? He was capable. I might have missed something and need to go back and pay attention to some details. But last thing, was Min Shuo going to end up with Bi Yun? I meant since he already apologized for being an asshole earlier and how she had hugged him at the wedding for being such a nice guy? Possible.

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Endless Love: Line 14

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Not really that cheating with the showing some scenes that hadn’t really appear yet. But this one cheated with showing too much of the last scene of the previous episode.

Liang Ba Ba was so glad Xin Jie came home, but it wasn’t because he had gotten attached to her. It was just because he wanted her to help him find Rui En. So she broke down and begged him not to find Rui En anymore. Well, Liang Ba Ba still used his wife’s name for her so Xin Jie wanted to replace Rui En instead. Liang Ba Ba, of course, backed down when he saw Xin Jie crying and tried to comfort her and told her not to cry anymore. That was when Jing Hao came home and called out to his father. Liang Ba Ba rushed to explain that he didn’t bully Xin Jie, he just wanted to find Rui En and then Xin Jie cried so he cried as well. When Jing Hao asked her what was wrong, she just ran the stairs. (How in the world could she run so fast in those heels?) The typical and inevitable confrontation unfolded when Jing Hao finally caught up to her at the rooftop. (YUP, the cliche spot for any types of emotional confrontation.) I guess that was kind of surprising, just kind of though. I meant I would’ve expected that Jing Hao would lie to cover up his tracks and sink deeper, making things even more dramatic (thank the scriptwriters though) in the later scenes. Yet he actually admitted that he couldn’t lie to her anymore? In a way, Jing Hao and Rui En were the same, when confronted with everything already fallen into places, they would admit it instead of diving anymore. Well, after that dramatic attempt to commit suicide, Jing Hao managed to save her (and she fainted–how cliche or what?) and took her back to his place, putting her to bed.

As he was considering things over in his mind, looking at Rui En’s portrait again, Rui En called him. The sound of the cell phone ringing caused Xin Jie to wake up and eavesdropped on their conversation. What was said between them was really sad though since they both knew they could never return to what was before, mostly because they mutually know (without saying it out loud) that they couldn’t hurt Xin Jie. Rui En only had one request and that was to see him again so she could sketch an image of him to save for the future (since we all know Eunuch Min Shuo got rid of the other ones already).

As if things weren’t getting to the point of beyond hysterical already with some of the events going on, more bad news was to be delivered. Yup, their project/idea got stole and it was on Jing Hao’s head because Xue Zhe saw Song Wan Ji leaving Jing Hao’s place that one night, making Jing Hao prime suspect to have betrayed them. The big boss had every single right to be mad, even if NoQ had vouched that Jing Hao wasn’t that type of person. The banter between NoQ and Xue Zhe had escalated to another height but the mob boss jumped in, telling both to shut up. From his expression, he was ready to let heads roll. AND why was the other dude smiling like a maniac the whole while since hearing the news with the project being announced, etc? NOT Xue Zhe, but that other new dude that came at the same time as Rui En and NoQ.

Oooohhh…OMG! So we or maybe more like I had underestimated that pretentious, faking pity Song Wan Ji. He sure knew how to hide things and pretended he was in a regretting mode all these years. So he sent that dude in to spy and steal? Not to mention pinning it on Jing Hao. No wonder he was so good at planning every move. He was staying silent all along or looking like he trusted Min Shuo yet was just letting Min Shuo do whatever so others could focus on Min Shuo and hate him instead? Or he didn’t really care? (Regardless though, I swear Min Shu wasn’t that nice either, kept wanting to control others. It didn’t matter how he thought it was good for others.)

As Jing Hao and Rui En were making their way to their last meeting, both were thinking of the past. But as fate would have it (or more like the scriptwriters wanted to make it even more dramatic), Rui En was detained by a little accident with her wheelchair and fell. Attempting to get up, she was approached by some dude. Two guesses who he was sent by. Jing Hao, of course, got there first and waited until he received a call. It wasn’t from Rui En though, but Xin Jie, saying that it had to do with her mother and begging for Jing Hao to save her. (I can’t believe she was using this type of tactics, but I guess when her bridge of emotions had already been broken, she would resort to anything. It was, of course, fake because she called her mother earlier so of course they had it planned or something.) Wanting to rush to wherever it was to find Xin Jie, Jing Hao remembered of his meeting so he called Rui En yet she wasn’t picking up either. He left a message and told her to wait for him.

Well, I guess that made two of them since Xin Jie’s mother was equally surprised as Jing Hao when he demanded some answers from Xin Jie’s mother. Xin Jie actually came right out and told Jing Hao she heard it all with Jing Hao and Rui En meeting up. Just to be fair though, when you eavesdrop, make sure you know the full story before jumping to conclusion? BUT I guess can’t blame Xin Jie since she wouldn’t know what was real or fake anymore, not after being deceived for a while now.

Okay, I’m getting surprised like the second time. I meant like I thought he would feel guilty. Because of the typical main guy formula, right? Since he did lie to her in the past. Yet he said he was disappointed in Xin Jie? (Didn’t he lie to her too? So she was going crazy?) So Jing Hao just left like that. After some smart remarks, Xin Jie’s mother left as well while Xin Jie was scheming up another set of traps for Jing Hao and Rui En. At least she didn’t want them to meet up. Who else but to call that Min Shuo? I seriously think Min Shuo should be responsible for half of the troubles that were going on too, not just Jing Hao and Rui En for lying or whatever else. (Failed to mention it probably qualified as lying.) After all, Min Shuo did force Jing Hao to marry Xin Jie before he would release information on Jing Hao’s father’s whereabouts. So why should Jing Hao take the fall for this and be slapped on the slogan as an asshole when Min Shuo could walk away? Come on now.

Yup, Rui En got captured and now her father had to deal with the mess. Did he think he could get away with it and was celebrating too soon on his victory of causing Jing Hao more grief? WRONG! Seriously though, whatever he was doing always backfire on him because it ended up that his daughter would receive the punishment in his place. The person who called was, of course, Kun Ge, the mob boss (aka Jing Hao’s current boss). Song Wan Ji knew him? I meant because he had recognized the guy’s voice. OMG! I was thinking it might be some major misunderstanding yet it was true. Song Wan Ji not only wanted to cause a misunderstanding between the two parties but he actually said Jing Hao offered the deal to him? What? I actually laughed out loud when Kun Ge was asking about how come Jing Hao was the one responsible yet Song Wan Ji and his daughter had nothing to do with the whole thing and that if Song Wan Ji was trying to fool the ghosts or something (aka Kun Ge was seeing through how Song Wan Ji was just pinning things on Jing Hao). Man, I’m having a blast with Kun Ge’s phrases. I don’t know. I shouldn’t even laugh at this time since Rui En’s in danger but it was just so funny that Song Wan Ji was just trying to wing it through and push everything on Jing Hao (aka manipulating things) but Kun Ge refused to cooperate, lol. (I swear Song Wan Ji’s so much like Min Shuo or vice versa, always manipulating and wanting to make sense to convince others to do it their way.)

After hanging up on Song Wan Ji, Kun Ge called Jing Hao up. Jing Hao had returned to the meeting location to continue waiting and thought that it was Rui En who called since Kun Ge had used Rui En’s phone to call Jing Hao. Some initial ‘I thought could trust you’ type of thing were rattled out, Kun Ge got right to business, saying how he had been betrayed, etc. Jing Hao was, of course, stumped by the fact that Song Wan Ji had admitted the truth (or the weaved-up version of the truth).

As if he wasn’t worried to death already after Kun Ge hung up on him, that Min Shuo had to show up and attacked him too. (Again, what in the world was Min Shuo to Rui En, her husband? Or her father?) Well, they finally got it out of the way by prioritizing the situation. Yet Jing Hao stopped a distance from the supposed place that Rui En’s imprisonment location. What now? Jing Hao stopped Min Shuo from proceeding by saying that he wanted Min Shuo to promise him something.

Okay, I was watching and didn’t want to recount much but that was a powerful scene and great planning from Jing Hao with trying to get Min Shuo and Rui En out of there. (YET it sucks that he has to let Min Shuo be the hero. Even if it was to distract Kun Ge so the other two could run yet it means that he would be a bad guy forever, without anyone knowing the truth.) But Heaven decided to help Jing Hao because Xue Zhe came in time before Kun Ge shoot Jing Hao to tell Kun Ge that the traitor was actually that other dude, who actually work for Song Wan Ji. Jing Hao was rushed to the hospital while Min Shuo and Rui En were recaptured once again. Of course, since Rui En was the useful bargaining chip that could work either way, with her father or Jing Hao–it would register some reaction. Kun Ge wanted a meet up with Song Wan Ji, what would this result in? Of course, Kun Ge won’t let someone make a big joke out of him. Song Wan Ji will have to pay.

The day when Song Wan Ji got to play the hero in saving his daughter. How touching, eh? Everyone get to play the hero to save Rui En while Jing Hao was dubbed as the bastard who only cared about money to the point that he didn’t think twice with using others to benefit. (OF COURSE I’M BEING SARCASTIC.) Kun Ge’s my favorite character right now since he’s going to make others suffer for making a fool out of him. But we were cut short of that, probably because they wanted to save stuffs for later.

Everyone found out about Jing Hao’s condition and rushed to the hospital, except for Rui En of course, since she still thought he was the bad dude. Kun Ge was right, she was sure living in a happy world, not knowing the truth, etc. Then there was also the whole flashback with Jing Hao and Min Shuo’s conversation before they went to save Rui En. It seemed like Min Shuo was looking more and more regretful or somewhat feeling torn like he wanted to tell Rui En the whole thing. (I think I underestimated Lin Yo Wei since he managed to bring out the actual genuine, sincere kind of feeling toward the character at that point versus the fake, pretentious pitiful look Min Shuo exuded in the past.) Perhaps I should forgive him? Yet if he told the truth or something, then he would be forgiven more. But that had to wait for the next episode because it ended where Jing Hao finally woke up.

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Endless Love: Line 13

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

The episode actually picked up the next morning with Rui En being transferred to Inpatient already and Eunuch Min Shuo was sitting next to her bed, guarding her. (Making sure no other enemies were there, right?) And yes, I’m giving him the ‘eunuch’ title now because he interferes when it doesn’t concern him and how her father should be the one saying stuff first, NOT him. Bi Yun came to visit Rui En, asking what had happened, etc.

Priceless all right. I meant he finally took some actions. Okay, so he finally carried out something worth mentioning because he kept doing the wrong things that caused Rui En more pain. Now he was finally doing something for his daughter. (Slapping a woman IS not something any man should do BUT I think in this case, it could be acceptable because it was his daughter after all.)

Awww…so touching that everyone at work was coming to see her. (Though they could just be worried about the upcoming project presentation. But still…touching…) Yup, they were worried about the project, except for NoQ, of course, who was her friend. Yet they were right. If she wasn’t there, all their efforts would be for nothing. Okay, now Rui En was back to her old self. Seriously, I was so disappointed that she was collapsing to the point that she almost accepted Min Shuo. (Though she probably wouldn’t.) Now, she was back to her old self again, ready to fight and be stubborn about her decisions. This was work, but it still proved she was back. (Probably because she learned that Jing Hao still loves her?) Then back to the question whether Jing Hao still cares for her or not. Yes, Bi Yun was stunned into silence since the recounts were from Xin Jie and not to mention the drawing. It was more than prove already.

The result of touching Rui En. Never hurt Rui En, was it so hard to follow? Yes, he found Xin Jie’s mother and was ready to let heads roll. Well, not really. Just giving her a good scare. She still dared to threaten him? LOL! If he was scared, he wouldn’t do it in the first place. She just had to keep taking her chances and trying to see when his anger would finally turn into action.

The scene with Jing Hao visiting Rui En was actually fitting in after the previous confrontation with Xin Jie’s mother. Jing Hao was just there to visit Rui En and telling her that he would leave the place, not wanting to cause her any more pain. (That was the real reason for leaving AND NOT BECAUSE MIN SHUO SAID SO.)

As he was departing, he saw Bi Yun. She hesitated and remembered what Rui En said to her hence running after him, wanting to ask him a question. Oh, the same familiar question: If the incident with his father hadn’t happened, would he had left Rui En? But then he said it didn’t matter anymore. She insisted on knowing by saying if it was someone who didn’t want him and Rui En together, then what would it be? And yes, she wouldn’t tell him who until he respond to her. We all know the answer regarding Jing Hao’s feelings. It was just a matter of seeing some events unfold now. Time to verify Bi Yun’s suspicions, right? And I finally forgive Bi Yun for all that she’d done. AND yes, I guess her ‘wanting to do good’ for Rui En won over with the whole ‘wanting to help Min Shuo getting together with Rui En’ (aka forcing Rui En). I meant with how she didn’t want to hide any information that could cause more regrets later on. Not to mention, her saying to leave it up to Heaven to decide was kind of meaningful. Yes, let life take its course. (AND she didn’t go back on her words with Min Shuo since she didn’t tell Rui En, but told Jing Hao. He never said she couldn’t tell Jing Hao! HAHA! I found a gap! NICE?)

The result of the conversation with Bi Yun. Song Wan Ji should know nothing’s a secret. So we learned the truth of what happened, at least how Liang Ba Ba was found by some person with a good heart. (Yup, he was wandering around and someone found him and of course since he didn’t know anyone or could say, it was hard to help.) But why didn’t Song Wan Ji tell Jing Hao that his father was still alive when he returned? GOOD QUESTION. What? NICE. Slapping all those at Jing Hao? Okay, he’s irresponsible? Um…whatever… I meant okay, the real reason why Jing Hao thought he didn’t deserve that happiness with Rui En and left was because he thought he was being punished and all those torn thing between knowing Rui En’s father was the one responsible for his mother’s death too, NOT just because of what happened to his father. SO I still think Rui En’s father should take the partial blame for it, not just pushing everything to Jing Hao. Sure, he repented all these years and how he’d been caring for Jing Hao’s father but did that make him any superior? He’d still killed Jing Hao’s mother and ruined his family. It didn’t matter if it was just an ‘accident’, because that ‘just an accident’ did more damage than anything. I’m not making an excuse for Jing Hao leaving and all because he could no longer take it. BUT I don’t want others to make him the sole reason for the blame. There are other stories behind it too.

Okay, so he made his point. So what? (Yeah, I’m all gung-ho now, I know.) Perhaps Jing Hao was letting his hatred for the old man cloud his judgment yet there were suspicious things worth mentioning, right? Okay, I guess I forgive him since Jing Hao forgived him, and that couldn’t be changed. Yet I still want the thing with Jing Hao’s mother’s accident revealed to everyone. I know it’s WAY too repetitive, but that was also the reason why he left, right? Many conflicts caused him to consider that decision with leaving, not just because of one thing. But the last request? SO SAD. I understand why it must be that way but still sad. AND yes, I finally see the right person saying those words. I meant with Rui En’s father wanting Jing Hao not to see Rui En again–since it made sense because he was the father. With other people like that Min Shuo telling Jing Hao what to do was annoying.

NoQ’s turn to order them around? Not really but Rui En was finished so she alerted NoQ, who wanted to use that opportunity for revenge, lol. And NoQ and Xue Zhe were still arguing, lol. Still funny.

The confrontation. AND someone was acting like some dog, barking. I’m so serious here. I HAD ABOUT ENOUGH WITH HIS RANTING AND PRETENTIOUS PITIFUL ACT. Perhaps Tong Tong shouldn’t be telling Min Shuo that her mother likes him since he would use that against her. AND HE DID. BASTARD. YUP, making things out to be others’ fault and making them out to be the bad person when he’s a bastard. Hope that Bi Yun learned something from this. How her supposedly prince charming really is.

He admitted to NoQ he really wanted things to return to three years ago and his father’s disappearance hadn’t happened and how he would’ve married Rui En, etc. Aww… So good to confide with his old pal again. Too bad things could never return to what it was anymore.

So Xin Jie begged NoQ to tell her where Rui En’s house was. The only thing was, he led her to Rui En’s current aka recent habitat, not the right one where her father had arranged. (The scenes in the previous episode’s previews would unleash, right?) NoQ must have gotten smarter since he managed to dive out of the situation with the choice of words he used. Who could answer Xin Jie’s question really? I meant how could they dodge it all and get crafty about it. Between the two of them, Bi Yun might be quicker but in her state, could she come up with something? NoQ’s improvement with his tactics but in such a situation? Then I think Bi Yun was right, just let the truth reveal itself and life taking its course.

The confrontation after Xin Jie got the Song resident’s address. Xin Jie got the right to be mad since she was severely deceived. Yet how could Rui En tell her all after witnessing what had happened to her past? Rui En’s question was right. How could she say it out and demand Xin Jie to return Jing Hao to her? I think the bravest thing was Rui En didn’t dodge, admitting her plan and saying what she meant to do. But of course, she didn’t realize she had ended up really liking Xin Jie as a friend, etc. And the fact that Rui En actually apologized–even if it was too late–was rather braver than some people never admitting wrong, kept blaming others. Then I really liked Rui En’s speech after the apology and allowing Xin Jie to lash out at her. Yes, because she seriously treated Xin Jie like a friend and believed in her. (The reason why she saved Xin Jie, not like Xin Jie had thought to create some opportunity to allow Jing Hao back into her life.) And then I wasn’t even surprised that Xin Jie won’t let go. I meant she insisted on marrying him the moment she kissed him at the airport, so what made everyone think she was giving up so easily? Scary all right. I know it was because she’d been lied to and used YET it was diving toward the typical route of making the villain out of the other female lead. (WHICH IS GETTING LAME. WE ALREADY HAVE THAT MIN SHUO TO DEAL WITH.) But whatever it is, I think I wouldn’t blame or hate Xin Jie. She has the right to be mad and misunderstand them since it was indeed too complicated. Xin Jie’s declaration of not admitting defeat and won’t let go of Jing Hao even if she died marked the end of the episode.

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Endless Love: Line 12

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Did I tell those people to stop cheating? The continuance of this episode was at the part where Jing Hao was trying to calm Liang Ba Ba down by promising to find Zhi Shu for him tomorrow, not tonight since it was late already. Then Jing Hao put Liang Ba Ba to bed as he was reminiscing about the past when he was doing the same. Those simple routines. Yes, those were harsh days and he was working several jobs trying to make ends meet yet it seemed like less complicated than now? I meant at least less complicated before he met Rui En, etc.

This scene was actually to negotiate for the place again, not to beg Rui En to come see his father, lol. Oh well, at least this would be a start of something else. Even if Rui En gave up, she would still help Jing Hao’s father.

Another set of touching moments unleashed as Jing Hao was investigating Liang Ba Ba of his lifestyle these past years. Then more memories came rushing back as he read the letter his father wrote to him. I really miss their interactions, as well as Rui En’s time with them. Those really cute moments with their family of three.

Okay, since their boss already got out of the hospital, he might as well set the rules straight, right? LOL! Good luck!

The part where Rui En’s father found out how he’d been deceived hence the confrontation with Min Shuo. (Seriously, I’m going to say it before I continue on. If he would accept Min Shuo and still allow Min Shuo to pursue his daughter, then I don’t know what type of person he is. I meant who in the world would? Min Shuo was able to deceive him in signing papers, etc. What else is he capable of? And now I think of it, Min Shuo probably wants to be with Rui En just because he wants to inherit the hospital since Rui En’s the only child, right? I’m going overboard here BUT I don’t care to be patient with Min Shuo anymore. He’d gone way past it by now. He doesn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy from me for that matter.)

Aww…it was a happy reunion for him indeed. Yet he soon realized it wasn’t his home because the decorations among other things weren’t there anymore. Some struggling and Liang Ba Ba hurt his hand, causing Rui En to run and find items to tend to his wound. But what else happened? Fate was driving things forward because who else but Bi Yun came home at that time? But then the investigation was cut short because Jing Hao was questioning her about her ‘precious Min Shuo’ so of course Bi Yun had to protect him AND ACT SUPER FAKE, SAYING THAT SHE WOULDN’T HELP HIM BECAUSE HE HAD HURT RUI EN IN THE PAST? PUH-LEASE. Why doesn’t she get straight to the point and say that she’s doing everything for her Min Shuo? (Like she wasn’t scolding Rui En for hurting her precious Min Shuo also. Stop using Rui En as an excuse to scold others.) Back to the family of three though, too bad things were short-lived.

And here they were, making sure that Rui En’s spirit had already been destroyed so she could go back into their circle and be manipulated further and further. What was the point of breaking her spirit so she would behave? She’s no longer herself and she had to actually suffer so much before returning to their side. Though I understand what Rui En’s father was thinking and his concern. But I want to ask once again, what was the point? I meant like wanting to win because he was right? That it wasn’t worth it? They were pulling strings to make her come back. That wasn’t about them being right because nature took its course. But it was because of their manipulation. (Watching the satisfaction on Min Shuo’s face, I just want to slap him. Of course, wearing gloves to protect my hand first since I wouldn’t want to dirty myself with touching him.) I swear, the thing that should be revealed was the real reason why Jing Hao left aka because he found out Rui En’s father killed his mother. Only that being reveal could help Jing Hao’s case AND SEEK JUSTICE FOR JING HAO. Like he hadn’t endured enough all these years. Now he had to take the blame so these people could act like they were right? Despicable. (DAMN IT, DAMN IT! I’M SO SORRY FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL READING BUT I’M SO PISSED OFF THAT RUI EN COULDN’T FEND STUPID, DESPICABLE MIN SHUO OFF. SHE KNOWS SHE DOESN’T WANT IT, WHY CAN’T SHE SAY IT OR ATTEMPT TO SHRUG HIS HAND OFF? He was using that chance to secure his status, etc BUT WHY CAN’T SHE BREAK AWAY? Stupid that she should bear it all just because she doesn’t want awkward moments with Xin Jie. But still…what the heck? I’m starting to get really, really annoyed with her too. Like she’s a weakling in the past, WHY NOW? STUPID SCRIPTWRITERS.)

AND WHAT THE F WAS THAT? SO SHE ACCEPTED MIN SHUO? I meant the exchange was touching. Yet I rather she married some guy down the street than that jerk. Come on now. SCRIPTWRITERS ARE SO LAZY OR THOSE PRODUCERS/DIRECTORS ARE SO LAZY TO DEVELOP ANOTHER CHARACTER SO JUST MAKE IT LIKE EVERY SINGLE FEMALE LEAD IN EVERY SINGLE DRAMA JUMPING BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN TWO GUYS LIKE THAT. Stupid, stupid. Now I hate Rui En as well ’cause the scriptwriters made her accept Min Shuo. I meant yes, she has to move on because Jing Hao’s getting married and there seems to be nothing she could do from what she could see of it. BUT does she have to accept Min Shuo? She could just heal by herself, move on and find someone else. OR ARE THE SCRIPTWRITERS SUGGESTING THAT HER CHARACTER IS SO LAZY TO DEVELOP A NEW RELATIONSHIP THAT THEY RATHER HAVE RUI EN JUST PICK UP SOME GUY FROM THE PAST SO SHE WOULDN’T HAVE TO USE HER EFFORT TO GET TO KNOW SOMEONE ELSE? IDIOTS!

On the other hand, it was so touching when Jing Hao returned to the wedding dress shop and Xin Jie stepped out. (I know it’s so unfair to her.) Then Jing Hao had let his grief took over and his eyes deceiving him, letting him see Rui En and causing him to run over to hug her, apologizing. That part is worth a lot of tears, really. (And I don’t care if Min Shuo was pretending to be a bigger person and saying how Rui En was saying those words on purpose for Jing Hao to hear. It’s still stupid that it has to be said of how Min Shuo will treat her well–if they were really together–since someone who’d hurt you in the past can’t guarantee anything either.)

Bi Yun was investigating that night through her conversation with Rui En. Of course, it was about Jing Hao’s father. But like she would help anyone right now since her ‘precious Min Shuo’ seemed super happy now. Unless somehow she grew a heart and help them uncover everything to the point of Rui En’s father, exposing everything (accidentally of course since Rui En would always exhaust all the questions before she quit) and get some justice for Jing Hao.

The next day, Bi Yun went to have a talk with Min Shuo. BUT LET’S SEE IF IT’S ANY FRUITFUL SINCE HE’S GOOD AT COMING UP WITH REASONABLE ANSWERS. Considering how she’s willing to do anything for him, it wouldn’t be surprising if she eats it all up. Bi Yun sure surprises me this time since, for the first time, she’s actually speaking up for Rui En. Good analysis from her. Could be just some major coincidence BUT still, lucky she didn’t cave in. Man, I thought she cave in when he made so much sense with saying how she was just guessing and how she shouldn’t ruin Rui En’s father’s image if she’d guessed all wrong. YET she had stressed that Rui En had worked so hard all these years and waited for Jing Hao, etc. Maybe I’ll forgive her just slightly. BUT she lost all points again when she couldn’t pull away when he stated that she wouldn’t want to ruin his chance with Rui En and how he, Min Shuo, would give Rui En all the happiness. LAME! So much for a breakthrough.

I seriously feel sorry for Xin Jie but Liang Ba Ba was so cute, always demanding to see Rui En. Well, his wife to be exact but he had been using his wife’s name for Rui En for ages now. And indeed he found Rui En when Xin Jie was at the company looking for Jing Hao but he had some matters to tend to, and of course, Xin Jie bumped into Rui En outside. Liang Ba Ba overheard the familiar voice but wasn’t tuned in since he was sitting in the cab. Luckily he saw her through the car window and his mood sure improved tenfold. That was so cute.

Yup, the inevitable ensued since Xin Jie’s mother was back for more trouble. Rui En rescued Xin Jie and got hit by a car. Full circle or what? I meant since her father did hit Jing Hao’s mother years ago. So it was like somewhat of karma. (Though we know Rui En shouldn’t be held responsible but it happened.) Anyway, Jing Hao came home and asked his father what was going on and even called Xin Jie to clarify matters hence him running to the hospital for the meetup. (Totally random, but Liang Ba Ba sure listens to Rui En by staying put.) Anyone else wants to slap Min Shuo AGAIN for being so lame? Who was he? Rui En’s father didn’t speak up yet and he was all babbling away questioning Xin Jie and then later giving orders to Jing Hao? (This is what they call ‘the emperor doesn’t worry yet BUT the eunuch worries’ kind of thing. Seriously.)

Another stupid set of words rattled out from Min Shuo’s mouth. Seriously, what did I tell you guys? The world revolves around him hence Jing Hao has to listen to his every word and leave this place. Jing Hao must be crazy to still talk to this idiot.

Tong Tong’s great philosophy again. But I love those moments. Tong Tong seriously could see clearer than these other people who complicate things too much–and forcing others. Kids just simply see the image of “like” or “don’t like”, but in this case “love” or “don’t love”–so they wouldn’t be as troubled as adults.

Jing Hao returned to the hospital after learning from Xin Jie as to why Rui En was with her earlier, etc. Was this their last meeting? Even if she wasn’t awake? But that was the end of the episode. (I’m betting this is just another part where they stick in some scenes that didn’t happen yet and will bring us backward to fill in some more details until this scene for the next episode.)

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Endless Love: Line 11

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

I took a break before watching this episode to try and calm down and maybe even give that despicable Min Shuo a chance. Yup, yet another one–like he deserved it or anything. But now that I continued, I couldn’t believe that he was carrying out this plan. He actually faked the documents to let Rui En’s father sign the release so he could come and take Jing Hao’s father out of that one facility to use as a bargaining chip? Won’t even try and stay calm regarding that anymore since that Min Shuo had seriously gone overboard. WAY past overboard already. (At this rate, is he going to enter prison for deception, kidnapping, and other things that he’s going to do soon? Because at this point, it’s too cheesy to make up some stupid excuse like he was doing it because of love and was too blind with it. PUH-LEASE!) Yes, he recruited Bi Yun to help him in this whole conspiracy; and then his actions should just be justified for it, right? scoffs I honestly hope they would make it so that we would be satisfied with the ending in the end to the point where it’s not just about Jing Hao and Rui En getting together, but punishing Min Shuo and Bi Yun severely for running others’ lives AND kidnapping. (And I think the episode cheated again with showing us Min Shuo’s plan now hence the picture he sent over to Jing Hao at the end of the previous episode.)

OMG! I thought NoQ was supposed to help Rui En with her plan. How in the world did he end up trying to pursue someone at their workplace? Nice! The other guys saw right through it so they took advantage of the situation by wanting in on some of the things NoQ asked as well, lol. Kind of cute and funny for this hectic atmosphere though.

Yup, they cheated with the ending scene of the previous episode. Now it explained how Min Shuo got the latest picture of Jing Hao’s father. (The creators seriously need to stop confusing us with that. I meant I got it and was looking out for it after a few episodes of it. YET some people might still be confused and end up giving up because of the chronological order not making sense, etc.) And here we were again, witnessing Min Shuo’s despicable plan unfolding even more. AND yes, not surprising anymore that Min Shuo should put the blame on Jing Hao for letting Rui En work at the company. Jing Hao’s response was kind of priceless though, lol. (This is my company, it has nothing to do with you. LOL! Exactly! It was about time someone told him off. He kept trying to control others’ lives and wanting others to operate by his standards and request. Seriously a spoiled brat like I said before, throwing some tantrums and some despicable tactics if things don’t go his way.) Pathetic moment again why Min Shuo was asking for the reason that Jing Hao had left without saying anything three years ago. Yup, the creators were definitely trying to justify Min Shuo’s behaviors and trying to make his actions acceptable YET he was just doing all of that for his own gain, pretending to be the good guy. What was even more pathetic was Min Shuo saying if Jing Hao still loved Rui En, then Min Shuo was more than glad to let them be (but the phrases he used was like saying how he was with Rui En and could just be a bigger person and let them have their happiness or something), which was pathetic because he was never attached to Rui En in the first place; nor was he Rui En’s father, so what right did he have in saying it like he was giving them permission. The only time that Jing Hao would ever lose to anything was when it involved his father. (The second situation that would make him lose was, of course, matters regarding Rui En. His father was the other person who mattered to him in this world, so of course, it was hard to for Jing Hao to just shrug the whole thing off, even if it was a slim chance that the despicable Min Shuo would keep his words. And this time, Jing Hao was winning and losing at the same time. But just according to my messed up, twisted, out of control suggestion, Jing Hao could just beat the crap out of Min Shuo and make him spill the information out. Hey, Min Shuo’s such a sissy dude, not being able to take pain but could only inflict it on others through his despicable means, so he deserves a beating AND wouldn’t be able to take it much. He would want to live and carry out his despicable deeds more so he would eventually say it, right?) Pathetic once again that Min Shuo was thinking he was the only who could give Rui En happiness BECAUSE DIDN’T HE FORGET HOW MUCH PAIN HE CAUSED HER IN THE PAST? (YES, it seemed like Rui En and everyone else was too forgiving or too blind to see it when it happened, so I have to repeat it over and over.) I feel so sad for Xin Jie though for being used in this whole game. I meant I DO NOT blame Jing Hao since he would be capable of taking care of her and protecting her like he’d done in the past. He would treat her well like she deserved and give her all the happiness, etc. He would be able to keep his words as well. But she was being used as a bargaining chip in this whole master plan of Min Shuo’s too.

Based on past records, I think Jing Hao and Rui En are only capable of bullying each other and not strike back at others. Or perhaps they’re the type of people who would approach one another directly to solve problems, not going through others or using side tactics to get what they want. On the other hand, though, I think Rui En would have to sign in to a nuthouse or some kind of insanity facility soon if they kept manipulating her emotions like that. Though she didn’t know why exactly (the real reason, not the fake version he gave her), but the way things were, she would go crazy soon. (I hope that despicable Min Shuo would be happy now.) Jing Hao’s plan backfired again since he wanted to make Rui En hate him by saying and doing things that would make her hate him even more. Yet she welcomed his embrace more than anything. So, of course, he had to stop and pull away or he would never be able to. (Then I sort of am pissed off at Rui En–just to be fair with every single damn character in here–that she should seek out Min Shuo at the hospital and let him comfort her. No wonder he kept coming back and NOT let go. She was doing that to him without realizing it. WHO FREAKING CARES IF SHE THINKS HE’S JUST HER BROTHER? HE DOESN’T THINK SO, SO SHE SHOULD JUST KEEP HER DISTANCE LIKE ONCE UPON A TIME TO KILL HIS HOPE ALREADY. And ‘kind of pissed off’ was an understatement. Then look at the way Min Shuo wanted Rui En to say those words of letting go of Jing Hao makes him an obvious control freak. She sort of brought it onto herself by kept going to seek him out, BUT that just showed more of his character. Was she so blind and so tired of the battle that she couldn’t see what type of a jerk he is?)

That was kind of priceless again. Like she was giving up so easily. (Or was Rui En’s reciting of Min Shuo’s words an attempt to brush him off for the time being since he was just being a pest?) Jing Hao looked worried for her all right when her spot was empty. Then she just appeared, saying that he did not need to worry. (LOL!) But then her next words sort of stumped him (and me too). I was celebrating too fast. It’s good that she’s thinking for herself and will work hard because of her career and not just because of him, but I hate to see Min Shuo succeeding. She better not accept that jerk already or it would be like jumping back and forth like that. I’m sure there are LOTS OF OTHER MEN IN TAIWAN ASIDE FROM MIN SHUO?

Well, other problems would have to wait since Xin Jie’s so-called mother was back to cause trouble for them. More like she wanted to sell her daughter off some more. Yup, she was selling her daughter off–for the last time this time. Or if she would keep her words.

After all those frustrating scenes, I think this must be the most touching scene thus far (at least after the three years gap). Jing Hao reuniting with his father.

So Xin Jie’s mother got another source of money. She should be really happy now. Maybe she should find some more people willing to pay up before she let go? roll eyes

Yes, fate intervened again so Jing Hao was forced to seek out Rui En. Okay, it was more of Liang Ba Ba’s tantrums but I think Min Shuo dug his grave by using Liang Ba Ba as a bargaining chip. It would’ve been better if he hadn’t interfered and ignore the fact that he saw Liang Ba Ba with Rui En’s father. ‘Cause seriously, by using Liang Ba Ba to negotiate and having to sneak him out, Liang Ba Ba would now make things more difficult for Jing Hao. Then Jing Hao, being a filial child that he was, would want to carry out the old man’s request hence this scene. That was priceless that Rui En was saying that Jing Hao’s matter had nothing to do with her so why would he need to beg her, lol. How does he like it now, eh? (I told you guys Min Shuo dug his own grave.) And it was the end of the episode with Jing Hao blurting out that it was regarding his father and that his father wasn’t dead yet.

Previews. Hahaha…yup, more things unleashed with Liang Ba Ba recognizing Bi Yun. Min Shuo dug his own grave, what did I say? But why in the world did Rui En accept Min Shuo’s proposal? Or did she? GOSH! WAS HE THE ONLY MAN IN TAIWAN? Honestly…

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