Celebs Real Life Couples

Okay, I was just bored and wanted to start a list. But I will only include the ones I know for sure of OR care about somewhat. So if you don’t see your favorites on there, DON’T freak out. Also, I’m not including any past relationships OR rumors. AND–yes, this is the last one–I’m dividing them by region since I was getting a headache trying to group ’em one way or another.

Hong Kong

  • Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng
  • Angela Tong and Chin Ka Lok
  • Edmond So and Winnie Lau
  • Eric Suen and Macy Chan
  • Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung
  • Felix Wong and Leung Kit Wah
  • Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok
  • Hacken Lee and Emily Lo
  • Jacky Cheung and May Lo
  • John Chiang and Lee Lam Lam
  • Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan
  • Leila Tong and Desmond Tang
  • Liu Kai Chi and Barbara Chan
  • Michael Miu and Jamie Chik
  • Noel Leung and Gary Chan
  • Power Chan and Mimi Lo
  • Roger Kwok and Cindy Au
  • Simon Yam and Qi Qi
  • Stephen Fung and Shu Qi
  • Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau
  • Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li

Mainland China

  • Benny Qian and Coco Lv
  • Deng Chao and Betty Sun Li
  • Dong Xuan and Gao Yun Xiang
  • Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er
  • Kevin Yan and Sunny Du
  • Qiao Zhen Yu and Wang Qian Yi
  • Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin
  • Tong Li Ya and Chen Si Cheng
  • Zhang Jie and Xie Na


  • Alice Ko and Kunda Hsieh
  • Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai
  • Ann Hsu and Roy Chiu
  • Blue J and Sandrine Pinna
  • Blue Lan and Jade Chou
  • Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng
  • Chen Yu Feng and Ye Jia Yu
  • Eric Huang and Jenny Lu
  • June Tsai and Lee Yi
  • Justine Ji and Wu Jian Xin
  • Leroy Yang and Jiang Zu Ping
  • Nylon Chen and Lene Lai
  • Phil Chang and Shi Yi Lang
  • Vic Chou and Reen Yu
  • Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin
  • Wesley Chia and Amanda Chu


  • Christopher Lee and Fann Wong


  • Ada Choi and Max Zhang
  • Archie Kao and Zhou Xun
  • Dicky Cheung and Jess Zhang
  • Gallen Lo and Sophie Su
  • Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan
  • Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao
  • Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu Shi Shi
  • Sonija Kwok and Zhu Shao Jie

*This list will be updated from time to time.

The Story of Billy

This album was inspired by The Minds of Billy Milligan, who supposedly have 24 personalities living inside him. (I haven’t read the book so don’t know much more than the few vague descriptions here and there.) Anyway? What about the album? Mixed feelings throughout.


1. The Story of Billy (24個比利). Let’s just say it does live up to the craziness/madness of the theme.

2. Live Broadcast (現場直播). I like this song ten times more than the last song. Yes, sad (and mean), but it’s just me.

3. What Can I Do. Surprised. But I really like this song. Sad, but because of the arrangement, it wasn’t as pitiful. Just sad and easy to sympathize with.

4. Forgotten Embrace (忘記擁抱). Another nice song. Sad and mellow.

5. Give Strength (給力). Upbeat and powerful. It’s actually quite catchy. It gets addicting after a while.

6. Release Oneself (釋放自己). Another upbeat and catchy song.

7. Glorious Advancement Song (華麗進行曲). This song is even more catchy than the last one. Maybe it was because I listened to him performed before getting the album so this song kind of grew on me faster than some others in here. What this song did was incorporating one of the old songs into it as well so it sort of merged and just plain hook us along.

8. Don’t Want To Wake Up (不想醒來). Another soft, nice song. I actually quite like the mix of the song.

9. That Day (那一天). Somewhat upbeat and catchy.

10. Exclusively Belonging To You (專屬於你). This song reminds me of one of his past songs. Perhaps it was continuing some story from it, like how it was for some other songs too.

11. Baby Tonight. All in English, unlike how it was mixed or some phrases only like the other songs. This is the English version of track 8.

12. The Story of Billy (24個比利) Remix. Usually, I don’t like remixes, but for some reason, I like it more than the original version. Strange. Very strange indeed.


OMG, I seriously underestimated the album after just listening to the songs only. Well, I did like the majority of the songs, but when watching the MV portion, it totally blew me away. It wasn’t just one MV to the next (but could also stand alone on their own), but was like one continuous story, connecting to one another in such a sequence. Well, it was true for the first MV merging its way into the second MV. The artistic approach was nicely done. The transitions were nicely done.

1. Don’t Want To Wake Up (不想醒來). The MV was fine on its own with the sad theme and story. It really tugged at the heart.

2. The Story of Billy (24個比利): Dramatic Version (劇情版). I honestly think that this song was meant to watch and not just listen on its own. Because it was perfectly executed with the artistic approach, especially the imagery used. Totally awesome. So maddening and confusing, just like the theme of the song.

3. The Story of Billy (24個比利): Dance Version  (舞蹈版). Just like its title, it’s the dance version. The whole MV focuses on the dance steps only, not the other parts of the story. Yet it wasn’t any less crazy, keeping true to the theme of the song.

4. Glorious Advancement Song (華麗進行曲). Truly playful and nicely done with the classic feeling of the era and the jazzy feeling. A very witty feeling to the overall atmosphere. Not to mention Blue J’s special appearance by the piano. That was cute. Brilliant indeed. And the ending was so cute and funny. Then the narrator clarified it for us that that was how Daddy Pan and Mommy Pan met! LOL! Then the bloopers. Nice touch to finish up the uplifting song and atmosphere.

5. Forgotten Embrace (忘記擁抱). Nice MV. Tragic theme, but still nice. It reminded me of those MVs made in the ’90s. (NOT a bad thing, lol.) It brought back a sense of the past in a way. Tiffany Hsu was the guest star for this MV.

6. Exclusively Belonging To You (專屬於你). Back to upbeat song. Dou Hua Mei appeared as the guest star here, portraying the girl at the cash register. I was surprised but nice to see her in the MV. It was soooo cute with their collaboration. Cute poses and then eventually meeting up at the movies. Got scolded by the people who were trying to watch, lol. Now I want to see a drama where they star in together! LOL! YUP, asking for too much. Oh well, one can dream. Anyway, back to this MV, truly uplifting and fun. Not to mention cute. But I think I used ‘cute’ too many times already, lol.

Overall feeling? I was surprised. I think the MVs sort of turned it around for me. I meant I like the majority of the songs in here (like said before). But then was a bit disappointed at the song responsible for the title of the album. However, the MVs totally saved it. Great album with its artistic approach.

*Images were scanned by DTLCT

Can’t Bear To Be Lovers by Jacky Chu

Song Title: Can’t Bear To Be Lovers (捨不得當情人)

Music by: Blue J (纪佳松)

Lyrics by: Huang Zu Yin (黃祖蔭)

Bold = Chinese
Indigo = Pin Yin
Purple = English

ni guan xin yan shen
Your caring expression
zhuan da ni wu sheng de wei wen
Convey your silent consolation
ta yuan zou ni mo mo
She has already left, so you silently
pei wo dao zao chen
Accompanied me until the early morning

ni shou xin zhi re de ti wen
Your heated palm
zhuan lai ni wu yan de yi wen
Expressed your wordless suspicion
bu dong wo hui ju jue
Not understanding, I resist
ni wen cun
Your gentleness

我們想法接近 默契很深
wo men xiang fa jie jin   mo qi hen shen
Our thinking is close with deep tacit understanding
chang heng tong yi shou ge
Frequently humming the same song
zhi xin peng you nan de
Being close friends is hard
我捨不得 當情人
wo se bu de dang qing ren
I can’t bear to become lovers

ai zong tai duo yi wai de shi fa sheng
There are too many unexpected things happening in love
you qing que neng zhen zhi pei ban yi sheng
Yet friendship could sincerely accompany us for a lifetime
cong bu xu yao fei xin bao zheng
There’s no need to waste our efforts in guaranteeing
不斷猜測 誰愛誰比較深
bu duan cai ce shui ai shui bi jiao shen
And continuously guessing who loves whom deeper

wo zhen xin xiang bao you ni de hou dun
I really want to keep on supporting you
dang wo wu nai wei qing wei ai xin yi leng
When I can’t help but because of love that my feelings have become cold
等你給我溫暖微笑 關懷眼神 
deng ni gei wo wen nuan wei xiao   guan huai yan shen
Waiting for your genuine warm smile and caring expression
就像 從前那樣真
jiu xiang cong qian na yang zhen
Just like previously

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Blue J and Sandrine: Sealed the Deal

It’s official, Blue J posted an update on the progress of paperwork and all. I don’t usually obsess over real-life couples (though sometimes I do admit they’re cute), but these two are starting to really grow on me. They’re so cute with their interactions!

2013.2.22 2:22! How exciting, right?

Another cute one! (LOL)

Once again, congrats to this cute couple! All the best!

*All images were captured from Blue J and Sandrine‘s Weibos

Double Congrats

That’s right, Sandrine Pinna is engaged! To Blue J! I thought it was a hoax at first when I saw some news articles (mostly the title). But when I spotted the official message on Weibo (the above image) and also saw her response “Oh yeah” (with hearts included), I finally realized the news is true. Many messages from their friends and others poured in with words of congratulations. Among those comments, Allen Chao (who portrayed her father in Endless Love) had chided her for not telling him earlier. (LOL) Chen Yi was excited according to his well-wishing message. Esther Liu had written that they beat her (by getting married first) but had expressed her happiness for them as well. Eddie Peng had forwarded Esther’s comment, even attaching his own words of congratulations to the couple. Janine Chang (whose comment was attached within the same chain as Eddie and Esther’s, behind two more people) wrote that she was surprised but also sent her well-wishing to them. (I guess they could really keep secrets, eh? LOL!) Interestingly enough, the media had gotten ahold of the news (hard NOT to since most news places had actively monitored Weibo after it had become popular with being a medium for celebs to connect with friends and fans all around). Anyway, they had asked questions and dragged Wilber Pan (Sandrine’s on-screen husband in Endless Love) into the story. NICE? But no surprise since the media loves to stir up stories after all. Will already expressed his feelings regarding the news via Weibo (which was touched) and had also congratulated them. Of course, he didn’t have a problem with their happiness, Endless Love was only a TV drama. But to get back to the main couple here, I lost track of who had sent their well-wishing first or how many since I do not follow all of their friends. But it was indeed a great moment to witness on Weibo, considering how it could be known for another outlet of causing ruptures and fan wars too (just like any other sites out there).

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Taiwan, Miyake Tseng’s M Palace had its grand opening ceremony. I first noticed of it when Enson Chang was posting a group picture of him, Miyake, and other mutual friends on Facebook with a message of congratulations. I saw several familiar faces and went to scourge Weibo for more information. Lo and behold, Chen Yi posted a picture later, tagging everyone–thus making it easier to identify them all. (To which Enson forwarded soon after on Weibo and added words of congratulations as well.)

Aside from his well-wishing to Miyake, Chen Yi went even further by posting another picture of him, Qiao Qiao, and Sam.

Nice, eh? Mean Girl Ah Chu team once again! (And a touching yet powerful message of their bond.) But don’t want to veer off topic too much so I’ll save those obsessions for another post.

Once again, congrats to both parties! All the best!

*Images were captured by DTLCT, however, it belonged to their rightful owners (aka the parties mentioned above).